Universidad San Juan de la Cruz

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Universidad San Juan de la Cruz
Other name
San Juan de la Cruz University
Established 1996 (1996)
Location San Pablo, Heredia, Costa Rica
Website universidadsanjuan.ac.cr

Universidad San Juan de la Cruz, also known as San Juan de la Cruz University,[1] is a private university located in Costa Rica. It is authorized and accredited by the Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada, the National Council of Higher Education of Costa Rica.[2][3] It has been authorized to award degrees since 1996.[4]

The university's mission is to scientifically and ethically train its students for the practice of professions preparing sponsors, researchers and technicians for the development and dissemination of knowledge of science, technology, literature, art and general culture.

The University campus locations are 100 metros al Norte Palacio Municipal San Pablo Heredia, Costa Rica 40203, (ICAES) Apdo. Postal 75, 2200 Coronado, San José, Costa Rica [5] and American Learning Center.com 8300 Old Courthouse Rd Vienna, VA 22182 U.S.A.[1] Academic Departments, Disciplines and Fields of Concentration are Schools of Business, Accounting and Law. Universidad San Juan also provides academic training and education for people with disabilities as well as disadvantage youth. [6]


Biography of the Rector[edit]

Guillermo Quirós Eladio Alvarez spent his youth in Tibás, and studied Engineering, Physics, Geology and Education at the University of Costa Rica . At 21, he was appointed Professor competitive in Physics School (UCR), where he directs the Laboratory for Physics for Biologists and writes a textbook first. At 23 he moved to the newly created National University where he founded the Department of Physics (1974-1979). At 33 establishes the first Laboratory of Oceanography in Central America and in parallel academically directs the University Council of the National University. Active in the National Council of Rectors and various ministries, helping in the creation of marine parks and the regulations for the recognition of studies abroad. At 38 launches the ocean remote sensing applied in the Caribbean Basin,. At 42 pursuing a graduate combining space projects for NASA and NOAA Central America, where it contributes to the understanding of the physical processes that give rise to thermal dome and large Mesoamerican swirls. He set the tracker first satellite station in HD as part of Mesoamerica Mission Earth / NASA program in 1994. At 48 runs the PROGOLFO-CCAD-IUCN-DANIDA project and advises on coastal development environment ministries Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador (1997-2000). Upon his return to the country assumed the rectory of Universidad San Juan de la Cruz. [2]

Biography of the President[edit]

Fernando Trejos Castro, president of Universidad San Juan de la Cruz , born September 18 of 1950, sociologist and specialist in organizational behavior. He enjoyed his childhood in Guadeloupe, Barro Aranjuez in San Jose, Costa Rica. After his youth and adulthood has lived residing in Heredia, Costa Rica. He worked in the Drug Institute (IAFA), then at the National University of Costa Rica (Heredia ),at the Labour Institute (IESTRA), where he was a teacher and researcher. From two thousand to date as head of the Universidad San Juan de la Cruz as president and teacher. Administration of the University


The Costas Institute is an academic arm of the University, which oversees the rational development and protection of marine resources in the region. and specifically Costa Rica [3]

Notable people[edit]

Dr. Wilberth Phillips Mora, - (2005) National Award for Science and Technology " Clodomiro Picado Twight "awarded by the Government of Costa Rica for the best original research to conduct and make public, individually or collectively, Costa Rican citizens in the fields of scientific research and technological research. </ref [4]


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