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Paris Dauphine University
Université Paris-Dauphine
Université Paris-Dauphine (logo).svg
Established 1968
Type Grand établissement, Grande école[1]
Budget €85 million
President Laurent Batsch
Students 10,000
Location Paris, France
Campus Urban

Paris Dauphine University (French: Université Paris-Dauphine), often referred to as Paris Dauphine or Dauphine is a grande école[2] [3] and an established public research and higher education institution in Paris, France.

Dauphine was founded as a faculty of economics and management in 1968 in the former NATO headquarters in Western Paris, in the XVIth arrondissement.


Founded in 1968, Dauphine has been specialized in the organization and decision sciences: Management, Economics, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Applied Mathematics, Management Information Systems and Languages.

In 2009, Université Paris-Dauphine obtained the EQUIS accreditation (European Quality for Improvement System) awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development.

In 2011, Université Paris-Dauphine becomes officially recognized as one of the 16 partners and co-founders of Paris Sciences et Lettres.

Dauphine University in Paris, housed in the Palais de l'Otan, the former NATO headquarters designed by Jacques Carlu.

International relations[edit]

Dauphine’s international relations cover:

  • Paris Dauphine University is also present in Tunis through the Tunis-Dauphine Institute.
  • 180 agreements with more than 40 countries
  • 6 joint diplomas with two universities:
  • 24.9% international students enrolled in various programmes or diplomas in 2004/2005, including several students from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Some notable Professors of Dauphine such as Professor Pierre-Louis Lions (Fields Medal in 1994), Professor Witold Litwin (inventor of linear hashing and fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery in France).


National rankings

International rankings

  • 2014: 36th best university in the world for producing millionnaires[6]
  • 2013: 23rd best university in the world in "Mathematics" according to the Shanghai ranking[7]
  • 2012: 18th best university in the world in "Mathematics" according to the Shanghai ranking[8]
  • 2011: 18th best university in the world in "Mathematics" according to the Shanghai ranking[9]
  • 2010: 97th/1000 business school of the world according to eduniversal ranking[10]
  • 2008: 64th university in the world according to the Ecole Supérieure des Mines de Paris ranking

Master programs[edit]

New campus of Paris-Dauphine in the La Défense business district, sharing facilities with the Léonard de Vinci University Center (PULV).

Master in Management Created in 2011, the Master in Management[11] (Master en Management or MeM) is one of the newest master programs of Paris-Dauphine University. A high quality,[citation needed] internationally orientated and professional master, the MeM is created exclusively for Dauphine students. It is divided in 5 blocs: International Management, Business Developpement Management, Business Process Management, Business Unit Management and Financial Control. Courses are given in French and English, with a number of professors invited from French and international top business schools such as HEC, ESSEC, INSEAD or London School of Economics. The Master in Management offers one semester exchange programs with WHU School of Management, Carleton University, Wilfried Laurier University, Bocconi University, Université d’Innsbruck, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Concordia University, York University, Okhlahoma University, Hanken School of Economics, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Institute of Management Technology (India) and others.

Master 221 Corporate Tax Created in 1981, the Master 221[12] is the oldest law degree in Dauphine. The Master 221 trains tax specialists who join Tax & Legal Departments in major companies or Worldwide law firms, after the French Bar School. It is one of the best Tax degrees in France and is rated Triple A+ by the AERES, the French public rating agency for education.

Magistere Banking Finance Insurance The Magistère BFA[13] (Banque, Finance, Assurance) was created in 1986 and since its early stage it has ranked among the most highly reputed French Master Degrees in Banking, Finance and Insurance. It is a three year program with the possibility of doing an internship between the second and third years. Students can also study one year abroad in one of the partner institutions : London School of Economics in London, Bocconi in Milano, Washington University in St. Louis or McGill University in Montreal to name a few. The Magistère main objective is to provide students with all the skills necessary to achieve a challenging career in Market and Corporate Finance, Banking and Insurance and courses range from not only stochastic calculus, times series-econometrics or actuarial methods to private equity or financial analysis but also economics and law.

Master 104 Finance (Advanced Studies) Created in 1975, which makes it the oldest master in Dauphine, the Master 104 has for main objective to give students both theoretical and operational advanced knowledge of Finance. As a research formation, the master 104 can be the first step towards the obtention of a Phd or a professional career. The wide spectrum of courses offered (stochastic calculus, asset pricing, advanced corporate finance, optimal financial decisions, asset management, M&A, commodities, private equity, ...) allows students to pick their own orientation. The classes are taught by published researchers, guests speakers as well as high profile professionals. The formation is concluded by the redaction of an original and innovative research paper.

Master 203 Financial Markets, Commodity Markets and Risk management The Master 203 is designed to train specialists in financial markets who put their skills to work for banks and investment firms, asset management firms, consultancies, insurance companies or major firms. It trains students in all professions linked to investments on financial instruments markets and financing based on market techniques.

Master 218 Insurance and Risk Management The Master 218 is designed to offer a wide range of courses in order to prevent, control, modelise and manage every aspects of risks. This includes insurance, corporate finance and capital markets courses. It has been created by the famous President of "Le Cercle des économistes" Jean-Hervé Lorenzi.

Master 225 Corporate Finance and Financial engineering The Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering Masters Programme 225 has trained almost one thousand students to practice financial professions with high levels of responsibility. This Masters Programme provides solid training in two complementary areas of expertise: both corporate finance, and financial engineering and mergers and acquisitions, which are used above all within investment banking.

Master 272 Financial Engineering and Quantitative Economics The Financial Engineering and Quantitative Economics Programme 272 prepares students to topics such as the techniques of quantitative finance, corporate finance, asset management and market risk management. For this, the curriculum combines the teaching of financial theory and its application in business while training students for computational methods in finance.

Master 201 Economics and Financial Engineering The Master 201 provides an excellent program in economics and finance. The program is made with the contribution of many CEOs, financial organizations and banks. In collaboration with the Magistère BFA and Bocconi, this master is mainly focused not only on market finance but also on financial economics. Many alumni succeed as well in other sectors dealing with econometrics in optimization costs, actuarial science, or even marketing thanks to the diversity of courses.

Master 264 Entrepreneurship The Master 264 provides a formation in Entrepreneurship ranked 7th by the SMBG's ranking in 2012, the first University in the ranking. The formation provides huge skills in management, finance, accountability, management of project and helps many students to set up their own business.

Mphil MASEF Mathematics of Finance, Economics and Insurance The master MASEF is a program co-organized by University Paris Dauphine and ENSAE ParisTech. The Master is one of the first Master Mathematics of Finance in France. The program includes two study courses. Both ensure a training of high level in mathematics (stochastic calculus and control, econometrics of finance / insurance) applied to the conception and use of sophisticated models in finance, insurance or more broadly in economy.

1. Quantitative Finance and Risk Management: quantitative methods on financial markets, strong orientation to risk control and portfolio management.

2. Economy and Management of individual risks: modelling of individual behaviours and interaction (important for modelling and management of individual risks in industry, insurance and the bank world).

Mphil 106 Financial and Monetary Economics is linked to the Master 201 and presents the same qualities,it is more research-axed.

Master of Technology and Innovation Management (MTI) is co-offered by Paris Dauphine University, the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTIN-CEA), Mines ParisTech and the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS Cachan). The MTI master aims to train administrators and engineers in technology and innovation management.

June 19, 2013, Paris Dauphine signed a partnership with the Instituts d'Etudes Politiques (except for Paris) or Sciences Po in Region.[14]


Main campus of Paris-Dauphine University in Paris

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