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Lower Danube University of Galați
Universitatea Dunărea de Jos din Galați
The Rectorat Building
Latin: Universitas Galatiensis
Established 1974
Type Public
Rector Iulian Gabriel Birsan
Administrative staff
Students 15,330
Location Galaţi, Romania

The Dunarea de Jos University of Galati (Romanian Universitatea Dunărea de Jos din Galați) is a public university located in Galaţi, Romania. It was founded in 1974.


The University of Galaţi, as it was named at first, was founded in July, 1974 by merging the Polytechnical Institute and the College of Education. The Polytechnical Institute of Galaţi had at its origins the Naval and Mechanical Engineering Institute which has been founded in 1951. In 1953, the Institute of Fish Breeding and Fishing Technology located in the city of Constanţa merged with the Naval Institute of Galaţi under the name of Technical Institute of Galaţi.

In 1955, the Institute for Food Industry of Bucharest was also transferred at Galaţi. This higher education institutions was to become in 1957 the Polytechnical Institute of Galaţi. The College of Education, founded in 1959 consisted of five faculties: Languages, Mathematics, Physics-Chemistry, Natural Sciences and Sports. The two higher education institutions, the Polytechnical Institute and the College of Education, merged in 1974 and formed the University of Galaţi. In 1991, the University was renamed "Dunărea de Jos" (Lower Danube) University, after the historical name of the area around the city of Galaţi.


The University of Galaţi consists of twelve faculties and two colleges with more than thirty departments. Galaţi University has several unique fields of education in the country, such as: Naval Engineering and Fishery. During the years, specialists covering a wide range of education fields have been trained at the University of Galaţi:

  • Engineers
  • Teachers
  • Economists
  • Programmers and Computer System Designers.

New university programmes has been developed in the last years: Management in Industry, Finances and Credit, International Economics Relations, Administration and Technical Informatics. Post-graduation courses for engineers and training courses for the teachers of the pre-university level are organised every year.

The University of Galaţi organises programs for the doctoral degree and master degree in the technical fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics, economy, food technology and fishing, automatic control and computation techniques, artificial intelligence. The University of Galaţi is also providing programs for the doctoral degree in the field of social and humanistic sciences.

The Y Building- Faculties of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Naval Architecture

These are the 20 faculties in which the university is divided into:


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