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University Grants Commission – Sri Lanka
Abbreviation UGC
Formation 22 December 1979 (1979-12-22)
Purpose planning and co-ordination of university education, allocation of funds to Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs), maintenance of academic standards, regulation of the administration of HEIs and regulation of admission of students to HEIs.
Headquarters Colombo
Official language
Sinhala, Tamil, English
Professor Mohan De Silva MBBS; MS; FRCS (Edin); FCSSL
Main organ
Commission Members
Affiliations Government of Sri Lanka
Over 200

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is the body responsible for funding most of the State Universities in Sri Lanka, and operates within the frame work of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978, itself established in 1979. A public organisation, established under the Parliament Act No 16 of 1978. Location is at No 20, Ward Place Colombo 07.

It distributes public money, allocated by the Government for teaching and research to universities and university affiliated institutes, as such controls much influence and appointments at state universities.

Vision of the UGC[edit]

The vision of the ugc is to develop a university system of the highest quality appropriate to national needs and aspirations, in keeping with global trends.

Mission of the UGC[edit]

The mission of the ugc is to promote and sustain through resource allocation, a widely accessible university system that is accountable to the public and dedicated to the highest levels of learning, professional training and research, relevance to the needs of the country, by facilitating, in partnership with other stakeholders of higher education, the diversification and the assurance of quality of academic programmes, and the emergence of centres of excellence in teaching and research.


The official functions of the UGC are;

  • Allocation of funds to Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) that come under it
  • Planning and co-ordination of university education
  • Maintenance of academic standards
  • Regulation of the administration of HEIs
  • Regulation of student admissions to HEIs

The Commission members[edit]

The Universities Act provides for seven members of the Commission appointed by H.E. The President. These are:[1]

  • Prof. Mohan De Silva MBBS; MS; FRCS (Edin); FCSSL – Chairman [2]
  • Prof. Ranjith Senaratne – Vice-Chairman
  • Prof. H Abeygunawardena – Commission Member
  • Prof. Subramaniam Mohandas – Commission Member
  • Prof. Sampath Amaratunga – Commission Member
  • Prof. Malkanthi Chandrasekera – Commission Member
  • Mr. Vijaya Malalasekara – Commission Member

The following attend the meetings of the Commission but are not members and do not vote:

  • S.R Attygalle – Treasury Representative who advises the Commission on funds
  • Tissa Nandasena – Secretary to the Commission

Higher Educational Institutions controlled by the UGC[edit]

Higher Educational Institutions recognised by the UGC[edit]

Graduate & Undergraduate Degrees
Only Undergraduate Degrees

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