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University Hospital of Bern
Inselspital Berne September 2008 01.jpg
The Inselspital patient ward (center) and polyclinic ward 2 (right)
Location Bern, Switzerland
Affiliated university University of Bern

The University Hospital of Bern (German: Inselspital), located in Berne, is one of the five university hospitals of Switzerland.

The hospital is operated by a charitable foundation established in 1354 through the will of Anna Seiler, a wealthy Bernese. It acquired its current name in 1531 when it occupied the buildings of the "St. Michaels Insel" convent. From 1841 on, it has participated in the training of medical students.

The hospital moved to its present location in 1885. Many of the historic buildings were demolished from 1958 to 1978 and replaced by modern infrastructure, including a high-rise patient building.

Currently, the hospital employs a staff of 7,255 and provides care for 250,000 patients each year. It also provides practical training to 600 medical students and over 1,000 other healthcare professionals. The prominent physicians who have practiced in the Inselspital include Emil Theodor Kocher, the 1909 Nobel laureate.

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