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The University of Abuja in the Nigerian capital Abuja was established on January 1, 1988 (under Decree No. 110 of 1992 as amended) as a dual-mode university with the mandate to run conventional and distance learning programmes.


The university runs regular degree, diploma, and postgraduate programmes. Due to its location in the Federal Capital Territory has a Centre for Distance Learning School which provides university education to those who cannot acquire such education through the regular university system and those interested in acquiring new knowledge and specialized skills.

The university runs a consultancy services sub-degree program and an institute of education to cater for the professional needs of teachers and specialized needs of government education bodies; it provides avenues for the establishment of linkages on education matters with organizations and institutions in and outside Nigeria.


The university as its mini campus in Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria and a permanent site covering about 11,824 hectares located along the Kaduna - Lokoja - Abuja Road. The Permanent site is home to the Faculty of Arts, Science, Veterinary medicine and contains the university senate and other administrative building. The mini campus is still the temporary location to the faculty of social science, management, and law.

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