University of Alberta Students' Union

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University of Alberta Students' Union
Motto Working for students
Institution University of Alberta
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Established 1909
President Petros Kusmu
Members 30,000
Affiliations Council of Alberta University Students, Canadian Alliance of Student Associations
Signage near the south entrance to the Students' Union Building.
South face of the Students' Union Building.

The University of Alberta Students' Union is the student society that represents undergraduate students at the University of Alberta. Originally established in 1909, it is a non-profit corporation that operates under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act (Alberta). Its membership consists of the roughly 30,000 [1] undergraduate students enrolled at the university.

With an annual budget of approximately $10,000,000 and hundreds of paid and volunteer staff, the Students' Union serves as an advocate for students and provides a variety of services to its members. The Students' Union also operates a number of businesses, manages various targeted trust funds, hosts a wide variety of entertainment and educational events, and runs the Students' Union Building.


Students' Council is the ultimate decision-making body of the Students' Union and is composed of representatives elected from each faculty (32), five executive members elected in a campus-wide general election each March, and one undergraduate student elected in the same election to serve on the University's Board of Governors.


Provincially, the Students' Union participates in the Council of Alberta University Students. The Students' Union was a founding member of the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations. While it took a brief hiatus on its membership, having pulled out in 2003, the Students' Union moved to rejoin CASA in March 2008.[2]


The Students' Union provides a number of services to assist students in their academic careers.[3] These services include:

The Students' Union also runs several businesses, which offer discounts to Students' Union staff and volunteers.

Students' Union Building[edit]

Built in 1967, the Students' Union Building (SUB) is the headquarters of the Student's Union. It contains the Horowitz Theatre.

Myer Horowitz Theatre[edit]

The Myer Horowtiz Theatre is a 720-seat[4] concert hall used a venue for a variet of music, dance, lectures, and so on.[5][6][7]

Notable past presidents[edit]

Several people who have served as president of the University of Alberta Students' Union have gone on to achieve some level of fame.

  • Mike Nickel, president in 1985-1986,[8] became an alderman (2004–2007), two-time mayoral candidate, and prominent conservative in Edmonton.[9]

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