University of California, Irvine School of Physical Sciences

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The Physical Sciences plaza at UC Irvine, with Rowland Hall on the left and Reines Hall on the right. The buildings are named after UCI faculty and Nobel Prize winners F. Sherwood Rowland and Frederick Reines

The School of Physical Sciences is an academic unit of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) that conducts academic research and teaching in the field of physical sciences. The school enrolls 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students and is one of the top schools in the nation in the number of degrees it confers in the area of physical sciences.[1] In 1995, the school gained international prominence when Frank Sherwood Rowland, a professor in chemistry and Frederick Reines, a professor in physics, won the Nobel Prize in their respective fields. It was the first time two people won the prize in the same year in two different fields at the same public university. [1]


Degrees conferred[edit]

All four departments confer Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Notable faculty[edit]


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