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Century Tower which can be seen in the film Parenthood.
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings who was portrayed in the film Cross Creek.
Don Johnson the actor who played Sonny in the television show Miami Vice.

The University of Florida is a major public university located in Gainesville, Florida, and has been portrayed numerous times in popular culture.


  • In the 1990 film Days of Thunder, the character Harry Hogge, played by Robert Duvall can be seen wearing a University of Florida hat while talking to the protagonist Cole Trickle.[3]
  • The 2006 film The Hawk Is Dying, is based on the University of Florida faculty member Harry Crews while he was working for the university during the 1970s.[9]
  • In his films Adam Sandler can often be seen wearing Florida's orange and blue sweatshirts and T-shirts in his movies.[10]


  • In a May 2010 episode of Nurse Jackie, an early onset dementia patient named Marco is said to be a former Florida Gators linebacker and a former 1st round draft pick. Several of the main characters state or imply that they are fans of the Gators.[14]
  • In Season 1, Episode 3 of Malcolm in the Middle, a photo is shown of Dewey wearing a Gator Pride T-shirt.


  • In the 1973 novel Rubyfruit Jungle the protagonist Molly Bolt received a full scholarship to the university and attended before she moved to New York to pursue an education in filmmaking.[15]
  • In the 2003 novel The Stingray Shuffle it makes a reference to some of the characters forming a book club while dorm roommates at the university.[17]
  • In Joe Haldeman's novel The Coming(2000) - Locus SF nominee, most of the setting is on the campus and in Gainesville, Florida. Many of the characters are faculty and staff of the university.[20]


Beaty Towers, subject of an urban legend about the song American Girl.
  • In October 1999, the comic strip Blondie featured the University of Florida's University Auditorium and Century Tower. At the time, Devin Leburn, the son of Blondie illustrator's Denis Lebrun, attended the school. In addition, Blondie cartoonist Dean Young attended the University of Florida briefly.[23]
  • In 2000 - 2001 the fictional time traveler John Titor from the year 2036 gained international attention for his predictions about the future. Titor's posted on several message boards during this two year time period. He claimed to have attended the University of Florida which in his time is later renamed Fort UF.[24]