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University of Benghazi
Established 1955; 59 years ago (1955)
Type Public
Students 79,968 (as of 2013)
Location Benghazi, Libya
Campus 460 acres (1.9 km2)
Former names Garyounis University

University of Benghazi (Arabic: جامعة بنغازي‎), formerly known as the Garyounis University, is a public university in Benghazi, Libya.and used to be one of the most important institutes of higher education in Libya. It is located in Benghazi the second largest city in the country. It was founded on 1955 as the University of Libya. There have been very little changes made to the building in general. Even the few trees in the university have been cut down as there have been reports of dating under the trees therefore to stop couples from meeting under the trees the trees have been removed (most of them have been dug out and removed from the roots) therefore there is hardly any plants in the university and what used to be a fountain is now just water that is green covered in bacteria. Even air-conditioning is absent in most classes and many bathrooms are out of order and the library that was once huge is now very small and has few books. Most of the university is currently in ruins. Recently there was an attempt to renovate however all that was done was to remove tiles and demolish many previously standing building but nothing was built and the rubble was left there making it look like a deserted battlefield.


It was founded on 15 December 1955 as the Libyan University.

In 1973 the University of Libya was split into two independent universities.

In 2011 after the Libyan civil war the name of the university was changed back to University of Benghazi.

Current State of Instability[edit]

Ever since 2011 the university has been in utter chaos. There have been several attempts to resume education in the university but all attempts were short-lived partly due to the turmoil the country is in and partly due to the fact that many students who after their long vacation no longer want to go back to studying. Currently there are two classes (high school graduates of 2013 and 2014) awaiting the beginning of their education and this is expected to soon rise to 3 since the 2014-15 class in high school is about to start. Many students and faculty members suggested a merger of two classes since it is only possible way to let the students continue. In the medical department a decision was made to merge the high school class of 2012 and 2011 (but due to the delay their actual graduation was in early 2012) and since these two class had in reality studied there senior year in high school and freshman year together it was thought that they wouldn't mind being officially merged into one class. However, on the day of registration a huge fight broke out between them girls and boys used knives, bags and books to attack each other even instance of biting and hair pulling were reported. One of the things that attracted attention was the usage of vulgar language. The 2011 class was supported by the students of the class of 2012 who had failed their classes and were repeating there preparatory year and wanted there classmates who passed to wait and extra year so that they can catch up. They kicked out the administration staff and fought on until students finally broke up the fight. It should be noted that even though there was a security team in the university it was said that they did not participate in restoring order. Following that event the older class continued their attack and threatened the administration that they would launch an armed attack on its personnel if they allowed the younger class to register. The administration then issued a decision announcing that the class of 2012 will not be allowed to register. So the class of 2011 and the failed students of the class of 2012 continued there studying leaving the class of 2012 (who were hoping to end their yearlong vacation and resume their studies) to spend an indefinite vacation.In May 2014 (the same year the violent events in the university took place) due to the escalation of violence in Benghazi the administration decided to close down all departments of the university and no studying was to take place there indefinitely. In September 2014 the local county and the administration decided to resume studying but this only lasted for a very short number of days and the administration decided not to resume education and the university was shut down. It has been closed since then and it isn't expected to start this year. Some students may even have to wait until late 2016. This of course left many students depressed since some students such as the high school class of 2012 had only studied for 5 months ever since September 2012. Therefore they are now expected to spend a 4 year vacation from 2012-2016.


In 2002, the Benghazi University Library had 295,000 volumes, the largest library in Libya. However currently it is closed and has been so for many years. [1]


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