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University of London Union (ULU)
University of London Union Logo.png
Institution University of London
Location United Kingdom ULU, Malet Street, London
Established 1921
President Michael Chessum
Members 120,000+
Affiliations All University of London College Unions
Colors Blue      White     
Website ULU homepage

The University of London Union (commonly referred to as ULU, pron. 'yoo-loo') is the university-wide students' union for the University of London. It is the largest students' union in Europe, with over 120,000 students as the focus of its activities, with its students also all members of individual University of London colleges' student unions of which ULU is the umbrella organisation.[1]

University of London Students Union, provides a range of services on an intercollegiate basis, including cultural, recreational and sporting activities. The seven-floor union building in Malet Street, Central London includes bars, restaurants, shops, banks, swimming pool and a live music venue.[2]


University of London Union in Malet Street

ULU was founded in 1921, originally as the University of London Union Society, and moved into its main building on Malet Street, near Senate House, in 1957.[3] It represents students to the University and beyond, whilst also providing support and resources to the students' unions of individual colleges. Comedian Ricky Gervais has mentioned that he once worked as the events manager for the union.

On 3 May 2013, the University of London announced that the union would cease to exist, in its current form, from summer 2014.[4] This move was condemned by some students and campaign groups, who are now running a campaign to keep the building in student hands.[5] Other students however have welcomed the move, this is in part due to fears that the Union is undemocratic as it received a very low election turnout of just 2%. This is against the backdrop of other Unions which receive in excess of 50% turnout.[6][7]


ULU aims to represent the diverse students and students’ unions of the University of London.

The ULU building and venue is widely known as one for gigs that launch major artists such as the Kaiser Chiefs and Goldfrapp.

The Union funds and publishes a student newspaper, London Student, although the editorial content is not controlled by the Union as a whole but solely by the elected Editor.


One of ULU's main activities is the provision of Sport Leagues and Sport Clubs. The leagues originally only included teams within the University of London. Now they include University teams from the London area that are not in UoL. The governance of these is carried out by Sports Officers from the Universities and Colleges Students' Unions that have at least one sports team in the league. The sports leagues are also supported by the Friends of University of London Sport, whose members are former Sports Officers from within the University of London.

The union is home to Central London's largest swimming pool.[8][9]

Board of Trustee members[edit]

  1. Michael Chessum, ULU President
  2. Daniel Cooper, ULU Vice-President
  3. Susuana Antubam, ULU Women's Officer
  4. Hannah Webb, Community and Housing Officer
  5. Natasha Gorodnitski, Ethics and Environment Officer
  6. Jamie Green, Campaigns and Activist Development Officer
  7. Patrick Butterfield, Activities Officer
  8. Stuart Deboos, External Trustee
  9. Jodi Ekelchik, External Trustee
  10. Mark Bery - University Head of College Representative[10]


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