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The University of Maryland, Baltimore County funds a number of notable student-run organizations and clubs on campus.

UMBC Anime Society[edit]

The UMBC Anime Society was founded by Eric T. Williamson in 1994. Every semester UAS holds a continuous 24-hour anime marathon free to the public. The club also holds weekly meetings (Usually on Fridays at 6 pm). They have been holding an anime convention named 'RetrieverCon' since 2013.

UMBC Chess[edit]

The UMBC chess team, which has won Pan-American Championships against fields with dozens of teams, including Ivy League institutions and other top competitors, has received substantial recognition for its record of success. Through 2002, the team had proven dominant in winning the Pan-American Intercollegiate Chess Championship six out of seven years. However, in the two following years it was upset in the tournament by its chief rival in chess, UT-Dallas. In 2005, UMBC defeated UT-Dallas en route to its third consecutive Final Four of College Chess. However, with this success certain aspects of the program have also drawn scrutiny. It has been reported that UMBC is only one of two schools (along with UT-Dallas) in the United States to offer major scholarship packages for chess proficiency, and was cited as a potential motivator in a WSJ article discussing the potential for firmer guidelines on eligibility for collegiate chess. The university hosted the 2006 Pan American Chess Championships, which were held at the Washington, D.C. Renaissance Hotel in late December. The team's most recent achievement was a third place finish in the 2013 President's Cup behind UT-Dallas and the winners from Webster University in St. Louis.[1]

UMBC Debate[edit]

UMBC has a debate club that competes in American Parliamentary Debate Association tournaments. The club is open to all UMBC undergraduate and graduate students and does not hold try outs for the team. Since its re-inception in 2009, UMBC has had an annual spot in hosting an APDA sanctioned tournament.[2]

Greek Life[edit]

Inter-Fraternity Council[edit]

Panhellenic Association[edit]

Panhellenic Council[edit]

Multicultural Greek Council[edit]

UMBC Ice Hockey[edit]

The UMBC Ice Hockey team [1] plays in the American College Hockey Association (ACHA) Division 2. They play in the Mid-Atlantic College Hockey (MACH). They play out of Piney Orchard Ice Arena, the old Washington Capitals training facility, in Odenton, Maryland. The team has won back-to-back MACHA Championships, 2009 Crabpot Champions.

LGBT Organizations at UMBC[edit]

The university has two known groups for LGBT students, allies, faculty, and staff; the Freedom Alliance and QUMBC. The Freedom Alliance was established in 1995, originally from the Gender Variance Support Group. [3] QUMBC, standing for "Queers United, Mobilized & Bringing Change" in a newer group at the university. [3]

The UMBC Mama's Boys[edit]

UMBC Mama's Boys was the first club a cappella group at UMBC, founded in the fall of 2003 by four freshmen and remains one of the most active student organizations on UMBC's campus. Their first concert took place on May 4, 2004 and have since performed all along the eastern seaboard at a cappella concerts, college expos, comedy shows and malls. Their annual concert events Festivus Acappellius and a Winter Ball in the fall semester; and, Acapocalypse and a luau in the spring.


Quadmania is an annual celebration sponsored by the Student Events Board which includes a carnival, entertainment, and an afterparty. In 2006, the entertainment was headlined by the band Taking Back Sunday. Quadmania of 2007 represented the 25th anniversary of the festival. It featured the All-American Rejects, All Time Low, several local bands, and 3 days of carnival. 2008 featured T-Pain.

The Retriever Weekly[edit]

The Retriever Weekly is a student newspaper serving the UMBC student, faculty, and staff body. It is published in weekly editions both in print and online, and covers campus events, athletics, visual and performing arts, popular entertainment, and political commentary. The editorial staff consists of an Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, and section editors for News, Opinion, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, and Photography. The staff also includes several layout assistants and copy editors, as well as a Business and Technology department.

Student Events Board[edit]

The Student Events Board (seb) is UMBC's major event-planning organization. The organization consists of 14-15 students, with the assistance of an advisor and a graduate assistant advisor. (seb) provides UMBC with various events, including major concerts, weekly movies, karaoke nights, trivia nights, freestyle battles, game nights, dances and parties, and other events.

Student government[edit]

Graduate Student Association[edit]

The Graduate Student Association represents all graduate students at UMBC. The association serves as a bridge between the graduate student body and the larger campus community.

UMBC Student Government Association[edit]

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents all undergraduate students at UMBC. The SGA meets with key administrators and approves campus wide policies in support of undergraduate student issues. Student body elections are held annually in the spring. The current President of the Student Government Association is Ganesh Mysore.

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