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The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the graduate student organisation of the University of Melbourne, in Melbourne, Australia. GSA is an incorporated body governed by an elected council of 15 postgraduate representatives.

The University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association Inc. (GSA) is the student representative body for postgraduates at the University of Melbourne. GSA has over 13,000 members including all Graduate Diploma, Postgrad Diploma, Masters, PhD and other doctoral students. GSA speaks up within the University and in the wider community to help postgraduates and improve postgraduate education, research and welfare.

GSA is governed by a Council of 15 students, elected by the postgraduate student body. GSA is an incorporated association, fully independent of the University, the School of Graduate Studies and from the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU).

Getting involved[edit]

There are many different ways for postgraduate students to be involved in Graduate Student Association: attend a GSA event; join a GSA committee; write an article for one of GSA's publications; get involved in a campaign; or start a graduate group in their own departments or schools.

The most important thing is to stay in touch. The best way to do this is through checking this website, and subscribing to the email newsletter GSAnews. Students can also pop into GSA offices in the West Wing of the Graduate Centre, phone GSA on 8344 8657 or email GSA at gsa (at)


GSA has a number of useful and interesting publications, including:

Muse - fiction anthology

Traffic - peer reviewed journal

Plane Tree - Graduate Student magazine

360 degrees - the University of Melbourne's most useful handbook!

Muslim Guide

GSA Council 2011[edit]

GSA office bearers for 2011:

President – Ziauddin Ahmed

Vice President - Mohammad Barad Hossain Chowdhury

Research Education Officer - Md. Mamun-ul-Mannan

Activities Officer - Md. Rafiqul Islam

Publications Officer - Mohammad Barad Hossain Chowdhury

International Students’ Officer - Asif Shahzad Khan Saharan

Women’s Officer - Salma Siddiqua Mahtab

Queer Officer - Md. Shaheenur Rahman.

Martin Spencer, Sina Babazadeh, Josh Schmidt, Xi Liang, Ziauddin Ahmed and Mohammad Barad Hossain Chowdhury have been elected to the GSA Executive for 2011. Michael Griffith was elected as the graduate student member of University Council for 2011 and 2012 and that election was conducted by GSA.

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