University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

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University of Michigan Museum of Natural History
Exhibit Museum of Natural History, Ann Arbor - IMG 9055.JPG
The Hall of Evolution
Location 1109 Geddes Avenue,
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Part of University of Michigan Central Campus Historic District (#78001514[1])
Designated CP June 15, 1978

The University of Michigan Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States.

A unit of the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, the museum was founded in 1978 and today has more than 100,000 visitors annually. The museum is located on the university's Central Campus and has 22,000 square feet of exhibit space in a building that it shares with three research museums (Anthropology, Zoology, Paleontology).[2]

The museum is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.[2] It employs 11 full-time staff and between 40-50 paid student docents.[2] It has an annual budget of more than $900,000.[2]


The museum has four major permanent exhibits:

Two galleries currently display exhibits on "Evolution & Health" and archaeological research work in the U-M Museum of Archaeological Anthropology. The first floor Rotunda Lobby currently displays "The Invisible World of Mites."



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