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University of Nueva Caceres (UNC)
University of Nueva Caceres Seal.png
The Premier and the first University in the Bicol Region, Philippines
Former name
Nueva Caceres Colleges (1948)
Motto Non scholæ sed vitæ (Latin)
Motto in English
"Not of school but of life"
Established 1948
Type Private
Chairman Felicito Payumo
Students Approximately 10,000 (All levels as of 2005)
Location J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga City, Camarines Sur,  Philippines
13°37′29″N 121°4′40″E / 13.62472°N 121.07778°E / 13.62472; 121.07778Coordinates: 13°37′29″N 121°4′40″E / 13.62472°N 121.07778°E / 13.62472; 121.07778
Campus Main campus:
Jaime Hernandez Avenue, Naga City
Bataan campus:
Dinalupihan, Bataan
Alma Mater Song "UNC Hymn"
Colors UNC Colors.png Red and Gray
Athletics Naga City Inter-Collegiate Basketball Tournament
Nickname UNC Greyhounds
Mascot Greyhound
Website [1]

The University of Nueva Caceres (UNC), the first university in southern Luzon (outside Metro Manila), is a private non-sectarian university run by a corporation in Naga City in Bicol Region, Philippines. Founded in 1948, it offers pre-school, elementary, high school, undergraduate, and graduate programs.

Founded by Dr. Jaime Hernandez in 1948, it has grown to become one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the country. The campus is centrally located in the City of Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines. The University has one of the biggest student populations in the Bicol region and offers courses from Kinder to Graduate levels. All course offerings are recognized by the government and the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Education and Commerce are accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACU-COA). Its College of Engineering and Architecture is now one of the few regional centers for technological education in the Philippines.[1]


In February 1948 Dr. Jaime Hernandez invited prominent Bicolanos to join him as incorporators. May 9, 1948 among those who signed the incorporation papers in were Hernandez, Atty. Jaime Reyes, Ambassador Jose T. Fuentebella, Atty. Edmundo Cea, Atty. Buenaventura Blancaflor, Engr. Nicole Tado Sr., Atty. Juan F. Trivino, Atty. Antonio M. Sison, Dr. Manuel Abella and Dr. Domingo Abella. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the incorporators on May 18, 1948.

Thus the school officially started operation on July 1, 1948 as the Nueva Caceres Colleges. The initial courses offered were Liberal Arts, Commerce, Education and high school with a total enrollment of 958. The students of the newly opened school had their classes in the rented Flordeliza Building fronting the public kiosk (now Plaza Quezon) and the Governor Andres Hernandez residence along Burgos Street (now Grand Imperial Plaza).

In the ensuing years, additional courses were opened: elementary (1949), graduate school (1953), law (1951), engineering (1949), nursing (defunct 1955–2005), secretarial (1955) and kindergarten (1993).

In September 1951, the university administration headed by Dr. Hernandez took the first giant step since its foundation. It acquired the Rey property and transformed it from a marshland to its present condition. By early 1952 almost half of the site was filled and buildings began to rise. Most Rev. Pedro P. Santos blessed the new campus and the first two buildings, the original Dato Hall and Alba Hall on July 11, 1952. Other buildings were soon built to address the needs of a growing student population. At present, under the leadership of university president Dr. Dolores H. Sison, there is an ongoing multi-million infrastructure program to further modernize the institution.

The University Seal[edit]

The University Seal is circular in shape with two concentric circles. The outer circle contains the name UNIVERSITY OF NUEVA CACERES and on the lower portion of the University - CITY OF NAGA and below it the year of the foundation of the University, 1948. Inside the inner circle is a U shaped figure with a TORCH at the center symbolizing education. Just below the torch are the three famous landmarks of the Bikol region: MT. ISAROG, MAYON VOLCANO and MT. BULUSAN. Across these figures is a ribbon containing the Latin words: NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE (Not of School but of Life). The predominant colors are RED and GRAY, the official colors of the University.

UNC Greyhounds[edit]

The University of Nueva Caceres, for many years now, have chosen the label "Greyhound" to be the official tag of the school. And consistently, the UNC Greyhounds Sports Teams in almost many sports have been an asset of the region in national and international competitions.

Board of Trustees[edit]

Chairman - Felicito Payumo
Secretary to the Board - Jesus J. Hernandez
Antonio H. Sison Jr.
Eduardo H. Sison
Annelle H. Rodriguez
Oscar Leon H. Ravanera Jr.
Fortunato P. Mendoza


Undergraduate Programs[edit]

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Criminology(2012)[edit]

College of Engineering and Architecture[edit]

  • The College of Engineering and Architecture has been in its existence since its establishment in 1954, barely six (6) years after the University of Nueva Caceres was founded in 1948.[2]

College of Computer Studies[edit]

College of Education[edit]

College of Business and Accountancy[edit]

College of Nursing[edit]

College of Engineering and Architecture[edit]

  • The College of Engineering and Architecture has been in its existence since its establishment in 1954, barely six (6) years after the University of Nueva Caceres was founded in 1948.[3]

College of Computer Studies[edit]

College of Education[edit]

College of Business and Accountancy[edit]

College of Nursing[edit]

School of Graduate Studies[edit]

College of Law[edit]

  • College of Law is the only college in Naga City that offers Bachelor of Law(L.L.B.).

High School[edit]

Full Accreditation Status by FAPE




Nursing boards[edit]

Engineering Board Exam[edit]

Librarians Licensure Exam[edit]

Licensure Examination for Librarians( Passers)
The Bicol Region Librarians Council would like to congratulate all the passers of the recently conducted Licensure Examination for
Librarians especially to the new Bicol Region Librarians!
Mailyn Aringo Abocado
Maxima Vergara Abrique
Nerry Llana Arida
Jesse Rojas Brazal
Laura Paras Brioso
Aileen Velasco Domanico – UNC
Anne Sabaybay Lopez – UNC
Glory May Mallapre Malto
Letty Joy Moncada Mirabel
Agnes Montero Nicerio


The Trailblazer[edit]


The Official Publication of the College of Business and Accountancy

The A-Venue[edit]

The Official UNC GS Student-Faculty Publication

The Democrat[edit]

The Democrat Tabloid

Sed Vitae[edit]

Sed Vitae is published once a year by the Research Center of the University of Nueva Caceres.

Community Extension[edit]

The University of Nueva Caceres – Institutionalized Community Extension Services (UNC – ICES) is the central office and coordinating center of the University for its Extension Service Program. It serves as the institutional coordinating arm of various departments, colleges and student organizations’ community services. The office initiates and/ or co-implements projects and programs and identify department who will be the lead implementer based on its line of interest and/ or expertise. It assists, advises, monitors and evaluates the Extension Program of the university or specific department as it ties up with offices like the Research Center, DSA, VPSEA, Deans and Principals, and the Local Government Units (LGUs), Government Line Agencies, NGOs and POs. The prime concern of the office is the development of socially aware and socially involved and relevant persons (faculty, employees, students, school friends) who are both productive and proactive in recognizing and responding to the country’s needs with consideration to local and nearby communities.

ICES ensures that students, faculty members and non – teaching personnel of the University are provided with opportunities to get involved in various extension activities or program either institutionally or departmentally initiated and implemented. Once in a while alumni and UNC partners like Parents – Teachers – Council are tapped to support activities. Students’ involvement in Extension is varied. It can be curricular – related (like Social Arts, NSTP – CWTS, Practicum), extra – curricular involvement (like student organizations / fraternities / sororities), or simply volunteerism like (ICES student volunteers, Campus Ministry volunteers, Peer facilitators, College Red Cross Youth). For the teaching and non – teaching personnel, they can participate as resource speakers, lecturers, facilitators, trainers or initiators / organizers of an activity together with identified student organizations or community groups.

Admission and Financial Aid[edit]

Student Financing Unit[edit]

Student Government[edit]

University Student Government (USG)[edit]

  • The University Student Government is the sole supreme de jure student government of the University of Nueva Caceres.


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