University of Pardubice

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University of Pardubice
Univerzita Pardubice
Logo univerzita pardubice.gif
Established 1950
Type Public
Rector Miroslav Ludwig
Admin. staff 622
Students 9,200
Doctoral students 484
Location Pardubice, Czech Republic
50°2′53.31″N 15°46′9.86″E / 50.0481417°N 15.7694056°E / 50.0481417; 15.7694056Coordinates: 50°2′53.31″N 15°46′9.86″E / 50.0481417°N 15.7694056°E / 50.0481417; 15.7694056
Affiliations EUA

University of Pardubice (in Czech Univerzita Pardubice, UPA) is a university in Pardubice, the Czech Republic. In 2005 it had nearly 8,000 students. It is the only university in Pardubice Region.


In the aftermath of the Second World War, chemical factories in the city asked for the establishment of a specialised university in their vicinity. The university was started under the name of Vysoká škola chemická (Chemical Institute) in 1950, renamed to Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická (Institute of chemical technology) in 1954. Since 1990 new faculties have been added and in 1994 the institution was renamed to University of Pardubice.


  • Jan Perner Transportat Faculty (Dopravní fakulta Jana Pernera, DF JP, since 1992) [1]
  • Faculty of Economics And Administration (Fakulta ekonomicko-správní Pardubice, FES, since 1991) [2]
  • Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (Fakulta filozofická, formerly Fakulta humanitních studií, since 1992) [3]
  • Faculty of Chemical Technology (Fakulta chemicko-technologická, FChT, since 1950) [4]
  • Faculty of Art Restoration (Fakulta restaurování in Litomyšl, FR, since 2005) [5]
  • Faculty of Electricat Engineering and Informatics (Fakulta elektrotechniky a informatiky, FEI, since 2002) [6]
  • Faculty of Health Studies (Fakulta zdravotnických studií, FZS, since 2002) [7]

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