University of Santo Tomas College of Tourism and Hospitality Management

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University of Santo Tomas
College of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Former names
  • 199? – Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • 2006 – Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Established 2009
Dean Asst. Prof. Maria Cecilia A. Tio Cuison, M.A.Ed.
Regent Rev. Fr. Romulo V. Rodriguez, O.P., JCD
Students 2,088 (as of 2011)[1]
Location Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building, Tamayo Drive, UST, Sampaloc, Manila
Patron saint Saint Hyacinth
Colors Blue and green

The University of Santo Tomas College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, popularly known as "UST-CTHM", is a college, specializing in travel management and hotel and restaurant management, of the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest and the largest Catholic university in Manila, Philippines.

The college is housed at the Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building.


The idea of forming an Institute was conceived by the Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) Department during the late 1990s with the strong support and unwavering efforts of the College of Education. The need for establishing an Institute was realized by the two departments because of the fast-paced changes and growth of the industry that greatly influenced the tourism and hospitality education. Likewise, by merging the two programs, students would be able to specialize and dedicate themselves in enhancing their knowledge and skills that would respond to the demands of the industry. Series of departmental meetings and brainstorming were conducted with the vision of forming a new academic unit in the University.

The idea was presented to the Tourism and HRM Faculty until such time that the College of Education decided to merge the two programs by having one Department. In its initial stage, the Tourism and HRM Department was temporarily relocated at the College of Education’s Mini-Hotel in the year 2002. This was considered as a dry run to assess the viability of separating the department from the College of Education. Three years after, a formal proposal for the institutionalization was submitted to the Academic Council. A thorough procedure that includes meetings, deliberation, and election were carried out. The date April 28, 2006 made a mark for the Tourism and HRM Department of the University of Santo Tomas, the formal pronouncement of the institutionalization by the former Rector, Fr. Tamerlane R. Lana, O.P.

The elevation of the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (ITHM) to a collegiate status was approved by the Council of Regents dated November 19, 2008 and the Academic Senate by December 16, 2008. The Board of Trustees, in its meeting last January 20, 2009 approved the recommendation of the Council of Regents and Academic Senate to convert the ITHM to CTHM. After which, on March 12, 2009, the formal launching of the new academic unit of the University was held.

Degree programs[edit]

The Faculty currently offers the following four-year academic degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Travel Management (BS-TRM), (formerly BS in Tourism) - The Travel Management Program covers the study of various components related to the travel and tour industry. It encompasses technical, practical and professional learning relevant to the different pillars of tourism such as tour and travel operations, transportation, accommodation, food and beverage, events management, allied services, entertainment and recreation, tourism research and education, tourism planning and development and other tourism services necessary for the formation of the students to become well rounded and high-spirited Tourism Professionals imbued with Christian ethics and virtues.[2]
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management (BS-HRM) - The Hotel and Restaurant Management Curriculum provides a synthesis of different skills, concepts and principles specializing in hospitality training. It involves the study and application of practical and managerial knowledge and functions such as hotel and restaurant operations, culinary arts, food service, hospitality education and research that are essential in preparing the students to become adept future restaurateurs and hoteliers.[3]


The official logo of UST-College of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The College logo differs from other UST college logos with respect to the position of the Sun and heraldic rule. While most college logos are party per fess with the sun on the field, the CTHM logo doesn't follow this convention. Instead, the Sun in his splendour is on the upper portion (canton) of the shield's dexter side. Also, the green is enarched to chief with the blue background.

The college has yet to have its own box logo as the college was established only in 2009.

The college logo consists of the following components and its subsequent meanings:

  • Sun - represents the University.
  • Globe - represents the global perspective of the institute as well as the industry; likewise, the global relations existing therein.
  • Laurel leaves - represent the pillars and components of tourism which are part of the major stakeholders in education; as well as the operations and activities of these components both in the local and international scene.
  • Torch - represents education.
  • Flames - represent the programs of HRM (spoon and fork) and Tourism (aircraft).
  • Colors blue and green - represent the mobility as well as dynamism of the tourism and hospitality industry; industry giving life and regal splendors to a destination.


In August 2014, the college vacated the Albertus Magnus Building, and moved to Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building. The lodging facilities for alumni, on the fifth floor will be used for their training. [4] The college was formerly housed at the ground to third floor of the Albertus Magnus Building. College facilities includes a Computer Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Equipment Room, Chapel, Guidance Office, Multi-Function Room and a Micro-Biology Laboratory. Also, specialized facilities for the students and faculties alike are the Demo Room and Food Laboratory for the HRM students.

Student Council[edit]

The College of Tourism and Hospitality Management Student Council (CTHMSC)[5] is the primary student governing body of all bona fide students of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Its officers are elected by the entire College of Tourism and Hospitality Management student body but the Chief of Staff is directly appointed by the officers upon election. The President of the Student Council shall be the official representative to the Central Board (CB), which consists of all Presidents of all colleges, faculties and institutes in the University, care of the Central Student Council (CSC).

Student organizations[edit]

  • CTHM Chorale
  • CTHM Rotaract
  • CTHM Journal[6]
  • Intenzyc Danzerge
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management Society (HRMS)[7]
  • Pax Romana
  • Students Tourism Society (STS)
  • CTHM Tiger Flairtending Club (TFC)


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