University of Santo Tomas Education High School

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University of Santo Tomas
Education High School
UST Education High School seal.pngUST-Education High School.png
Albertus Magnus Building, Ruaño Drive, UST, Sampaloc, Manila
Established 1 August 1950
Principal Asst. Prof. Loreto S. Sauz
Regent Rev. Fr. Jesus M. Miranda Jr., OP
Number of students 400 (estimated)
Color(s) Blue, black, orange, and yellow
Newspaper The Rosarian
Yearbook Fides
Patron saint St. Thomas Aquinas

The University of Santo Tomas - Education High School, popularly known as UST-EHS or UST Educ High, is a laboratory school for the training and formation of future Catholic teachers. At the same time, it extends opportunities to the bright but financially challenged students through its affordable fees and scholarship programs. EHS is staffed by supervising teachers, who are experts in their fields of specialization.

EHS was among the Top 10 performing private secondary schools in Manila based on the results of the National Achievement Test and the National Career Assessment Examination in the School Year 2011 - 2012.

In the School Year 2010 - 2011, EHS adopted the Understanding by Design framework. In the School Year 2012-2013, it offered Grade 7 in compliance with the order of the Department of Education regarding the implementation of K + 12 enhanced basic education curriculum in all Philippine schools.


The Education High School (EHS) is a separate institution from the UST High School. EHS was established to give quality Catholic education to those deserving students who cannot afford to pay the fees required by other schools. It also serves as the training ground for fourth year BSE students of the UST College of Education. This laboratory school was established during the time of Rector Magnificus Rev. Fr. Angel De Blas, O.P. through the help of the Dean of the College of Education, Rev. Fr. Aurelio Valbuena and Mrs. Caridad Sevilla, the EHS principal, and the different critic teachers of the College of Education. Classes commenced on August 1, 1950

A number of faculty members from the College comprised the first set of critic teachers for the different subject areas in the EHS. They were: Dr. Mercedes G. Santamaria, Dr. Clemencia J. Colayco, Dr. Rosario D. Bondoc, Ms. Concepcion Leonor, Mrs. Antonia P. Villanueva, Ms. Consuel Perdices

The first regular teachers were Ms. Concepcion Alba, Ms. Rosario Mauricio, Ms. Lourdes Z. Sevilla and Ms. Teresita R. Villamil.

There were 361 students in the first enrollment of the EHS. There were ten (10) sections in the first year, two (2) sections for the second year and two (2) for third year. Half of those sections were attended in the morning by girls, half in the afternoon by boys.

In order to give authentic religious and practical leadership training and to strengthen unity and cooperation among the students, religious and secular organizations were founded. Among them were Student Catholic Action Units for the boys and girls and the Knights of Jesus for the Boys. Mr. Arturo De Leon served as their Adviser. The Boy Scouts were adopted to give some training to male students.

Through the years, the EHS has been in the forefront of championing the cause of Catholic education in the Secondary School level. As the University of Santo Tomas sails toward its grand fourth centennial in 2011, the EHS will continue to put premium on developing competence, commitment and community involvement coupled with the core values of dignity, justice, patriotism, respect, piety, responsibility, simplicity and honesty among its students.

School Seal[edit]

The Education High School seal consist of:

  1. The Flame of the Torch - signifies light: the symbol which inspires the Education High School to realize its Vision-Mission;
  2. The Torch - which holds the light as signified by the flame is the virtue of prudence: the queen, the cause, and measure of all virtues, necessary to make the light shine through to all;
  3. The Bible - represents Catholic Education;
  4. The Circle - symbolizes the school's endless effort to pursue its objectives;
  5. The Scallop bordering the Seal - represents the eight beatitudes of the Gospel emphasizing the foundation of the Education High School's every action.

Alma Mater Song[edit]

Education High School Hymn[edit]

Hail Education High! Thy name will never die

Thy sons and daughter true will always stand by you

And let the cross of love and peace,

Educate all men for what is right.

Radiate the lore from U.S.T. to build a true divine insight.

Hold high the torch of truth to flash its light abroad

And spread the lucid rays to shine on every road.

We'll raise our voices loud and clear EHS our Alma Mater dear.

We'll spread thy name, cherish thy name,

To this we pledge our loyalty

Raise high the hand that molds and show its glorious sign

Make strong the heart that guides and kneel before thy shrine,

Then let the cross of love and peace, educate all men for what is right.

Radiate the lore from U.S.T. to build a true divine insight...

To build a true divine insight.

Mission/Vision Statement[edit]


The Education High School commits itself to the task of participating in the evangelizing work of the Church by providing students with quality Catholic Education and by imbuing with the virtues of truth and love as espoused by the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas.


The Education High School seeks to evolve into one of the leading Catholic secondary institutions of learning in the country by strengthening and revitalizing the curriculum, faculty updating and networking with other institutions in the educational community.

Rationale and Objectives[edit]

The Education High School, distinct and independent from the UST High School, serves as a laboratory high school for the training and formation of future Catholic teachers who are not only competent but also sensitive to the national and educational goals in general and to the University's goal in particular. It also seeks to extend opportunities to gifted high school students who belong to financially challenged families to the minimal fees charged upon them.

Curricular Program[edit]

Subjects for Grade 7

  • English 7
  • Christian Living 7 - Salvation History
  • Filipino 7 - Ibong Adarna, Mga Kwentong Pampanitikan
  • Math 7 - Elementary Algebra
  • Science 7 - Integrated Science
  • Araling Panlipunan 7 - Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas
  • TLE 7
  • Computer 7
  • MAPEH 7

Subjects for Grade 8

  • English 8
  • Filipino 8 - Ang Kasaysayan ng Magkaibigang Nena at Neneng, Mga Kwentong Pampanitikan
  • Math 8 - Intermediate Algebra
  • Science 8 - Biology
  • Christian Living 8 - The Church and Sacraments
  • Araling Panlipunan 8 - Kasaysayan ng Asya
  • TLE 8
  • Computer 8 - Flash
  • MAPEH 8

Subjects for Grade 9

  • English 9
  • Filipino 9 - Noli Me Tangere, Mga Kwentong Pampanitikan
  • Math 9 - Geometry
  • Science 9 - Chemistry
  • Christian Living 9 - The Church and Sacraments
  • Araling Panlipunan 9 - Kasaysayan ng Mundo
  • TLE 9
  • Computer 9 - Database Management
  • PEHM 9

Subjects for the Fourth Year Level

  • English IV
  • Filipino IV - El Filibusterismo, Mga Kwentong Pampanitikan
  • Math IV - Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry
  • Science IV - Physics
  • Christian Living IV - Foundations of Catholic Morality
  • Ekonomiks
  • TLE IV
  • Computer IV - HTML
  • Citizenship Advancement Training


Responsibility [Orange] Piety [Green] Respect [Black] Patriotism [Blue] Dignity [Brown] Justice [Yellow] Honesty [Red] Simplicity [Gray]

Organizational Set-up: School Officials, Faculty & Staff[edit]

Administrative Officials[edit]



Faculty Members[edit]

Supervising Teachers[edit]

Regular Teachers[edit]

Pre-service/Student Teachers[edit]

Student Welfare and Development Board[edit]



Guidance Counselor, Librarian and Support Staff[edit]

Guidance Counselor[edit]


Support Staff[edit]


  • Air-conditioned Classrooms - 4th and 5th Floor
  • Principal's Office (air-conditioned) - 4th Floor
  • Guidance Counselor's Office - 4th Floor
  • Science Laboratory (air-conditioned) - 4th Floor
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Caridad Sevilla Room
  • Home Economics/TLE Laboratory - 4th Floor
  • Comfort Rooms - 4th and 5th Floor
  • Lobby - 4th Floor
  • Audio-Visual Room (air-conditioned) - 4th Floor
  • Fountains of Potable Water - 4th and 5th Floor
  • Spacious Corridors
  • Education Basketball Court (beside the UST Quadricentennial Pavilion/Gymn)
  • Albertus Magnus Auditorium - 4th Floor
  • EHS Library (air-conditioned) - 1st Floor

Clubs and organizations[edit]