University of Strathclyde Students' Association

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University of Strathclyde Students Association
University of Strathclyde Students' Association
Motto On Target For You
Institution University of Strathclyde
Location Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Established 1964
President Gary Paterson
Other sabbatical officers

James Ferns (Vice President Education)

Claire Sally (Vice President Activities and Development)

Roza Salih (Vice President Diversity and Advocacy)

Mairi MacVicar (Vice President Sports and Wellbeing)
Members c. 22,000 total
Affiliations National Union of Students

Coordinates: 55°51′43″N 4°14′49″W / 55.862°N 4.247°W / 55.862; -4.247

The Main Entrance to the Association

Founded in 1964, the University of Strathclyde Students' Association is the representative body for students of the University of Strathclyde. It is run by the students through an Executive Committee and Policy Forums. It was formed when the Students' Associations of the Royal College of Science and Technology and of the Scottish College of Commerce amalgamated.[1] In 1989 it merged with the University of Strathclyde Sports Union.

The current Student's Union building is located on the western side of the John Anderson Campus, adjoining onto the Royal College, James Weir,[2] and Thomas Graham buildings. It was originally opened in 1959, and extended in 1976. Its address is 90 John Street, G1 1JH. The Association contains 10 floors, 8 of which hold student areas and 2 back office staff areas. [3]


The day-to-day running of the building is done by the Executive Committee[4] who also serve on the trustee board alongside student volunteers elected by a cross-campus ballot.

There are five Sabbatical Officers:

  • President: Gary Paterson
  • Vice President Diversity & Advocacy: Roza Salih
  • Vice President Activities & Development: Claire Sally
  • Vice President Education: James Ferns
  • Vice President Sports & Wellbeing: Mairi MacVicar[5]

The main policy making bodies of the Association are the Policy Forums,[6] open to all students the forums meet frequently throughout the year passing policy through to the Policy Council of elected representatives which meets to discuss proposed policy.[7]

Student Reps represent their fellow class colleagues to communicate issues, concerns, and opinions of students to University staff and vice versa. They have a positive role to play in enabling communication, feedback, and constructive change. Student Representatives play a vital role in helping the lecturers, departments, faculties, and the University as a whole to identify issues (positive and negative) of the student learning experience. Effective management of these issues in partnership with the students can assist in strengthening National Student Survey results. Reps can be useful in finding out how new initiatives are being received and the general opinion of their cohort on a wide range of topics. They can also can help facilitate staff communication to students. There are a variety of different mechanisms that class reps can utilise to represent the views of their class to staff from informal chats to minuted Staff-Student Liaison Committees. They are also charged with reporting the responses back to their classmates.[8]

Building Layout[edit]


Floor 1 Reception and cloakroom:
  • Helpful advice delivered with a scowl by surly receptionists and a place to leave coats and jackets, before arguing with the attendant when it's 3am and you've lost your ticket.
Floor 2 Barony Bar:
  • A bar where many events in the union are held. The bar contains two large projector screens to facilitate these. The Barony is considered one of the more popular and more frequented bars of the Union. The Barony is said to be haunted by the ghost of DJ Phil, a spirit that keeps adding Shed Seven to the Freshers Week lineup.
Floor 3 The Yard:
  • The newly refurbished Yard bar has a number of pool tables, televisions, large seating areas, and a new bar serving food, snacks, and drinks.

NatWest Bank:

  • An on campus bank which provides all of the services of a normal high street bank.
Floor 4 The Scene:
  • Open daily for breakfast. Serves a variety of food & drink, including vegetarian and halal options. Have several plasma screen televisions which makes it a popular place for students to congregate between lectures. The hot dog machine was last cleaned in 1997.
Floor 5 The Lounge:
  • Home of the Advice Hub support service. Also provides a space where students can carry out a variety of activities including relaxing with friends, reading over lecture notes, and holding meetings.
Floor 6 The Andrew Hamnett Debates Chamber
  • Hosts debates, forums, and Policy Council as well as showing films, hosting student meetings and hosting meet and greets. Often used by amorous couples on a Saturday night.

Liberation Groups room:

  • Contains a central hub for the Liberation groups and an activities room and a private space dedicated to the Liberation groups where they can work and plan activities.

Starbucks @ Priory:

  • Serves Starbucks in newly renovated Priory. The Priory opened in 2002 and caught fire 3 days later, putting it out of commission for 6 months.
Floor 7 Student Engagement Zone:
  • A hub of student activity where most groups are based. On this level you will find all of the executive officers, staff, clubs and societies, the Sports Union and the Action, and Representation Groups.
Floor 8 Vertigo:
  • Mostly only hosts lectures due to the fire in the James Weir building. [9] Usually used to host large meetings and as a music venue. Vertigo has played host to many acts including Idlewild, Girls Aloud, Fratellis, N-Dubz and many more. The bar in Vertigo is unique amongst the Union's bars, being the only one with no security cameras.
Floor 9 Central Services, Communications and Finance:
  • Where most of the behind the scenes work required to keep the Union running is

carried out.

Floor 10 Board Room:
  • Union archives and a few meeting rooms.

Fresher's week[edit]

Held annually at the union where all Strathclyde university students can attend. The 2012 Freshers Week was held from the 15–23 September with all floors of the union being occupied for these events throughout the week. Some well-known bands and acts often appear at Strathclyde’s Freshers week such as "The Human Regurgitator" Stevie Starr who appeared on Britain’s got talent as well as previous The X-Factor (UK) winner Leon Jackson. There are many stands in and around the union which University’s clubs and societies have set up to give a brief introduction of what the society or club is. As well as stands there are small outdoor carnivals such as ‘Carnival of The Bizarre’ where a group of people perform strange acts. [10]

Mature Student's Association[edit]

Mature students (someone who is 21 years of age or older at the start of their course) represent almost 20% of the Strathclyde student population, including undergraduate, postgraduate and international students. Strathclyde’s Student Union also has a successful Mature Students Association, located on Level 2 of the Livingstone Tower. Facilities include; Common room, tea/coffee, microwave, toaster, fridges, tuck shop; desktop computers, printer, photocopier; quiet study room, lockers. The main aims of the Mature Student Association (MSA) are to provide all mature students with a support network of both friends and fellow students as well as somewhere to study and relax. The MSA is run by Convenor/s and/or committee who are elected yearly by the membership and liaise with the University and the USSA President on behalf of their members.

Clubs and societies[edit]

There are over 100 clubs and societies available for students to choose from, each designed to suit the hobbies, courses, beliefs or other interests that students have. If a student finds that there is nothing available that suits their interests they can get together with 10 interested members and start a new club/society by completing an application form.[11] Below are listed some of the most popular clubs(all information provided below is accurate at the time of writing, 11/11/14, and may be subject to change at any given time without notice).

The Strath Photo Club[edit]

Students with an interest in photography, wanting to pursue this passion and meet other photographers.[12]

Strathclyde International Society[edit]

Strathclyde University Dance Society(SUDS)[edit]

The Art of Living Strathclyde Society(YOGA)[edit]

Founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Art of Living Foundation is a not-for-profit, educational and humanitarian NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) engaged in stress-management and service initiatives. The organisation operates globally in 155 countries. Being Inspired so much by taking a Youth Empowerment Seminar in Germany, The European centre for theThe Art of Living, this society was created.


LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans)[edit]

The LGBT Society runs different events throughout the year including social events, film screenings, political campaigns and trips to local LGBT friendly venues. Events are also organised specifically to coincide with the LGBT History Month.[14]


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