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University of Teramo
Università degli Studi di Teramo
Logo of the University of Teramo
Established 1993
Type Public
Rector Prof. Luciano D'Amico
Admin. staff 198
Students 10,000
Location Teramo, Italy
Sports teams CUS Teramo (

The University of Teramo (Italian: Università degli Studi di Teramo) is an Italian public research university located in Teramo, Italy. The academic institution was established in 1993, detached from the University of Chieti in a moment of strong tension between supporters of “autonomy” and those wanting to maintain the traditional structure.

The University of Teramo now offers 5 faculties 24 degree courses, 35 Masters, 6 postgraduate schools and 10 departments. The entire 50,000 sq m of the Coste Sant'Agostino Campus holds the faculties of Law, Communication Sciences, and Political Science. A scientific pole is currently underway and will house the faculties of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture. It consists of a very up-to-date facility of 100,000 sq m which will also accommodate an animal Hospital and a Sanitary Dog Kennel. The Campus and Pole are two realities symbolizing the core areas of the University: the legal, political and communicative areas together with the agro-bio-veterinary area which represent two centers of excellence of the University of Teramo. Communication technologies have always influenced both thought and learning methods. As a result, facilities more and more necessary to the knowledge society such as language, multimedia, television laboratories, the university newspaper, and radio station, have been carried out. The University is living a strong period of internationalization through offering scholarships to students from all over of the world.


These are the 5 faculties in which the university is divided into:

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