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University of the Philippines
Information Technology
Development Center
Helping You Build a Solid IT Career
Established 2004
Parent institution
UP Diliman
University of the Philippines System
Director Dr. Jaime D.L. Caro
Location Vidal A. Tan Hall
Quirino Avenue cor. Velasquez Street
Quezon City, Philippines 1101

14°39′7.60″N 121°4′5.88″E / 14.6521111°N 121.0683000°E / 14.6521111; 121.0683000Coordinates: 14°39′7.60″N 121°4′5.88″E / 14.6521111°N 121.0683000°E / 14.6521111; 121.0683000
Vidal A. Tan Hall

The University of the Philippines Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC), formerly known as University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center (UP ITTC) is a joint program of the University of the Philippines and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) devoted to training professionals in Information Technology. Every September, the UP ITDC hosts the Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology (Y4IT)—the largest gathering of IT enthusiasts in the country—and the Philippine Youth Conference in Information Technology (YCIT), which is held every February.


On February 26, 2004, upon then UP President Francisco Nemenzo's recommendation, the UP Board of Regents (BOR) approved the creation of the Information Technology Training Program under the Office of the Vice-President for Development. The BOR appointed a Program Director for UP Information Technology Training Center on July 22, 2004.

For its full-scale implementation, the University proposed a project for funding by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This was dubbed as the Japan-Philippines Technical Cooperation Project on Philippine IT Human Resource Development (ITHRD), which was approved by JICA and started operation on July 20, 2004, for a term of four years (extended until 2009).

In the Record of Discussions signed by JICA and the University on July 9, 2004, the project's purpose was stated as: to conduct high-level and practical IT training in cooperation with other universities and industries, and to match the needs of the industry.

In June 2005, the UP ITTC launched its one-year certificate course.

On August 31, 2009, the Center concluded its initial audit for certification to the ISO 9001:2008 International Standards with ABS Quality Evaluations. The Center became the first IT training center in the Philippines to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.

On June 2012, its management decided to change the name from UP Information Training Center to its present name as it expands its role to research, development and consultation services.

Transfer to Vidal A. Tan Hall[edit]

The UP ITDC was initially located at the Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) Building. After four years, it was observed that the Center was already outgrowing the facilities and space at the CSRC. A suitable location was found at the National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development’s (NISMED’s) Vidal A. Tan Hall. Renovations started on December 22, 2008. Initial changes included rehabilitation of former science classrooms and retrofitting of electrical wiring and outlets to accommodate the Center’s laboratory setups. Temporary local area network connections were installed by the IT Operations Team with the help of a group of on-the-job trainees.

In mid-February 2009, hauling of furniture and equipment from the CSRC began. By March 20, the Administration Team started holding office at the refurbished Vidal A. Tan Hall. Classroom and laboratory equipment were transferred in batches and stages to the new location. By the end of April, all equipment were transferred.

The UP ITDC now operates with 9 classroom laboratories. Occupying the second floor of the Vidal A. Tan Hall are the offices of the Director, Administration Team, UP System IT Foundation, Marketing and Business Development Team, Content and Software Development Team, and Trainers Team, together with the conference room. Meanwhile, the IT Operations Team and the Project Management Office occupy the third floor of the building.


Full-time Courses[edit]

As a training center with specialization tracks in IT Fundamentals, Applications Development, Mobile and Embedded Software Development, Network and Systems Administration , and Game Design and Development, the UP ITDC offers a one-year full-time training course with a Certificate in Information Technology. Admission and scholarship examinations are conducted at the office of the UP ITDC.

Qualified to enroll in the one-year Certificate in IT are IT graduates or non-IT graduates possessing high aptitude for IT. Other eligibility criteria include proficiency in both spoken and written English and passing the Admission Exam.

The UP ITDC full-time students may take Japanese Language course as an elective. The course will serve as a preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Levels N5 and N4. They are also primed for the Philippine National Information Technology Standards (PhilNITS) Fundamental Engineer (FE) examinations held bi-annually (April and October).

The full-time Certificate Programs run for four quarters (10-week/quarter). Classes are held from Monday to Friday, 8 A.M.-5 P.M. The daily schedule includes the Japanese Language course.

Certificate in Network and Systems Administration[edit]

Information Technology Courses

  • ITC 45-01 Network Fundamentals (CCNA 1)

Certificate in Game Design and Development[edit]

Information Technology Courses

  • ITC 55-40 Game Programming I: Introduction
  • ITC 55-41 Game Math I: Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, and 3D Math
  • ITC 55-42 Game Art I: 2D Graphics
  • ITC 55-43 Game Art II: 3D Graphics
  • ITC 55-44 Game Programming II: Graphics (Open GL)
  • ITC 55-45 Game Art III: UI Design
  • ITC 55-46 Game Production II: Project Management
  • ITC 55-47 Game Physics: Kinematics
  • ITC 55-48 Game Programming III: Audio (Open AL)
  • ITC 55-49 Game Development Workshop 1
  • ITC 55-50 Game Programming II: Graphics (Advanced OpenGL)
  • ITC 55-51 Game Production I: Game Design
  • ITC 55-52 Game Programming V: Networking for Games
  • ITC 55-53 Game Programming VI: Unity 3D
  • ITC 55-54 Game Math II: Discrete Math
  • ITC 55-55 Game Math III: Artificial Intelligence
  • ITC 55-56 Game Production III: Testing and Debugging
  • ITC 55-57 Game Production IV: Porting
  • ITC 55-58 Game Development Workshop 2

Business and Communication Skills Courses

  • ITC 25-08 Project Management

Japanese Language Courses

  • ITC 15-10 Japanese Language
  • ITC 15-11 Japanese Language


Records of Full-time Courses as of February 2011
Year Examinees Enrollees Graduates Scholars FE Passers JLPT Passers
2005-2006 157 38 26 14 5 19
2006-2007 328 75 57 34 20 55
2007-2008 309 93 73 30 16 43
2009-2010 500 83 51 10 11 25
2010-2011 322 101 94

Short Courses[edit]

The UP ITDC short courses are modular. The duration of each module may be from three days to two weeks. These are taken on a part-time basis.

  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming (Basic) Java 1
  • Java Programming (Intermediate) Java 2
  • Java EE
  • Java ME
  • Basic Web Development
  • Advanced PHP&MySQL
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Management of I.T. Outsourcing
  • Intro. to Visual Basic .NET
  • ASP .NET Programming
  • C# Programming Using MS .NET
  • ASP Programming with MS-SQL
  • Linux System Administration 102
  • I.T. Security Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Intro. to Oracle PL/SQL
  • Project Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Testing
  • Game Development II
  • Intro. to Database Systems
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate 1 (CCNA1)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate 2 (CCNA2)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate 2 (CCNA3)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate 4 (CCNA4)
  • Intro. to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
  • Intro. to Artificial Intelligence with Applications
  • Internal Quality Auditors (IQA)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Implementation for Universities/Colleges
  • Computer Literacy
  • IP Telephony
  • Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development
  • Linux System Administration 201
Records of Short Courses as of 4th Quarter of 2011
Year Number of courses Participants
2005 4 71
2006 12 435
2007 14 771
2008 17 889
2009 (35) 1044
2010 (40) 913
2011 (35) 1179

UP SITF[edit]

The UP System IT Foundation, Inc. (UP SITF) acts as the resource generation arm of the UP ITDC. The UP SITF’s assistance includes, but is not limited to, human resource development, infrastructure and equipment, and research and development initiatives. It strengthens industry partnerships and the establishment and management of a scholarship fund. The UP ITDC is one of its flagship activities.




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The UP ITDC is venturing into e-learning, as it endeavors to increase its reach, accessibility, and impact.

As a first step toward this end, the UP ITDC will use a free and open-source Learning Management System (LMS) to serve as a backbone for the online delivery of the Center's current courses and future offerings.

The use of an LMS to support classroom-based instruction will greatly increase the effectiveness of UP ITDC’s proven teaching and learning strategies.

As the UP ITDC adopts a blended-learning strategy, the integration of different learning environments, as well as synchronous and asynchronous instruction, shall promote interaction among instructors, facilitators, and students, paving the way for a collaborative approach to learning.

Furthermore, the availability and reusability of online content gives learners sufficient time to digest complex technical concepts.

Offering certificate courses and specialist tracks online will also cater to IT professionals or those wanting to shift to an IT career but cannot enroll full-time because of time, distance, or financial constraints, or other limitations like present employment.

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