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'Uniyal (Devanāgari: उनियाल)is a North Indian garhwali brahmin surname, mostly used in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. In Yamunotri ritual duties such as the making and distribution of prasad (Sacrament)(sanctified offerings) and the supervision of pujas (ritual venerations) are performed by the Uniyal family of pujaris (priests). They are considered high class brahmins and are part of top four (chauthogi) brahmins in garhwal i.e. Uniyal, dangwal, dobhal, bahuguna


In 839 AD. Jayanand Ojha and Vijayanand Jha two cousins came to Srinagar Garhwal from Mithila state in North India. They were granted jagir by the then king His Majesty Kanakpal of Garhwal at Oni, patti Idwalsuie, The origin of uniyal's is Oni Village. Oniyal means the native of Oni village which later-on became Uniyal.they can also be considered the descendant of chanakya's Later on some families moved to Roomdhar (in Patti-Khas- Chandrabadani near Hindolakhal)and JALED:the Jaled is an ancient village of Kashyap gotra Uniyals where the Sidhapeeth is situated in Patti Makhalogi-Dharakriya. Jaled also known the Janani and janmabhoomi/ mother and mother land of all Uniyals of Patti Makhalogi, Dharakriya, Bamund, Udaikot, Manyar, Sarjyula (all around of Chamba & New Tehri )of Tehri Garhwal. The divine Maa Bhagwati/Maa Rajarajeshwari is the Kuldevi, or family deity, of all Uniyals, Oja, Maithil Brahmins,Bengali Brahmins and Dravidian Brahmins. Uniyals also settled in the village amaldu & village Amkot of pauri garhwal district.

Descendants of Jayananda Ojha are of Bhardwaj Gotra whereas those of Vijayanand are of Gotam and kaushaup Gotra. In Pauri Garhwal and upper Tehri Garhwal mostly Uniyals are bharadvaja. Whereas in lower Tehri Garhwal they are kashyapa, settled in villages of Tehri-Garhwal.

Uniyals are mostly spread in the valleys of Pauri and Tehri District. There "Isht" Ritual or Communal God is "Rajrajshwari Devi". The Rajrajeshwari temple is situated in Dewalgarh near Srinagar Garhwal. Priest of this temple is still Uniyals. A 16th century famous temple of Raj- Rajeshwari (Durga) built in a two storied form is at Dewalgarh. The temple today is partially ruined but is of great importance. Kangda King Dewal established Dewalgarh in the 14th century. Deity of Satyanarayan, Bhairav and Stone written document (inscriptions) of Panwar rulers Ajaypal and Manshah are also here. A fair is held every year in the month of April in Dewalgarh. It is 17 km away from Srinagar on Bughani- Srinagar road. However 9 km long trek still exist.

Uniyal Gaon is a village of Uniyals in Patti Saklana, Tehri Garhwal. The village is at the foothills of Sukhanda Devi temple which is at 10,000 feet above sea level. This falls on road Chamba-Mussorie somewhere in between. Bhairav is the kul devta and Srkhanda Devi the kul devi (both family deities).

Bhistou (Braman Gaon) Lakhwar[edit]