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UnleashX is a dashboard on the Xbox game-console system used to run/select programs on modified Xbox game systems. It is an alternative to the original Microsoft Dashboard (Also Known as MSDash).

Arriving late to the Xbox modification scene, UnleashX has proven itself to be one of the most flexible and user friendly dashboards available. It is known for its extensive skinning capabilities, extra options, and functionality not found in most dashboards, including a text editor, screensaver, FTP client (and FTP server, though being an FTP server is a feature common to many unofficial Xbox dashboards), and gamesave browser/downloader, skin colour scheme and format menu. It is also one of the few Xbox dashboards that support game/application preview videos and preview images.

UnleashX is one of the most active dashboards in the modification scene, with regular updates available through live update if connected to the internet. With its extensive feature list UnleashX has gained a lot of converts from traditional dashboards such as EvolutionX.

To be used, like any Xbox software, it must be compiled with the Microsoft XDK. This is illegal, as this software is being used without Microsoft's authorization. For this reason it cannot be downloaded from its official website but can still usually be found in many IRC channels or FTP servers where many other XDK built Xbox homebrew applications, games and dashboards are distributed.

UnleashX is now rapidly becoming a gamer's choice of dashboard because of its many features which extend and unveil the possibilities what can be modified or customized according to personal taste. The capability to skin an Xbox dashboard is becoming increasingly popular.

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