Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven

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Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven
Directed by Kavee Kalidas
Starring Ajith Kumar
Music by S. A. Rajkumar
Cinematography Akilan
Release dates
25 May 2000
Country India
Language Tamil

Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven (Tamil: உன்னை கொடு என்னை தருவேன்) (English: Give Me Yourself, And I'll Give You Myself) is a Tamil film produced by R. B. Choudary and directed by Kavee Kalidas. It features Ajith Kumar and Simran in the lead roles with Parthiban in a guest appearance. It was released on 25 May 2000 to mixed reviews.[1]


Surya (Ajith) has been brought up in the army barracks in Ooty, ever since his mother(Sukanya) handed him over as a baby to a brigadier (Nasser). She tells the officer the reason for her action but the audience is not allowed to hear it at this point. Surya grows up to be a patriotic youth and the best soldier in his class. He falls in love with Indu (Simran), the daughter of an army officer. Indu's parents accept her choice of husband but soon after, her father dies in a bomb blast while her mother loses her life on seeing her husband's body. Not wishing to lose her husband too in war, Indu asks Surya to choose between her and the army.



Noted army general Major Ravi played a significant role in assisting the team during scenes featuring Ajith in the Indian army.[2]


The film opened to mixed reviews with a reviewer from The Hindu citing that "potholes in the screenplay prove irksome" and that "the thin thread of patriotism woven throughout the film, hardly makes an impact.".[3]


Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven
Soundtrack album by S. A. Rajkumar
Released 2000
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Label Star Music
Sa Re Ga Ma

The film's score and soundtrack was composed by S. A. Rajkumar.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Ithayathai Kanavillai"   Hariharan 4:48
2. "Idduppu Selaikkulla"   Shankar Mahadevan, Anuradha 5:04
3. "Unnai Kodu Ennai Tharuven"   Unnikrishnan, K. S. Chithra 4:24
4. "Sollu Thalaivaa"   Rajesh 5:02
5. "Pethava Kanniru"   Unni Menon 2:37
6. "Sateliteil Yeri"   Unnikrishnan 4:44


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