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The Hariri Pontarini Architects project is a proposed "twin tower" project in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Construction has not yet started as they have just been approved by city council. They are two 27-storey towers that will cost approximately $150 million. The buildings, containing a hotel and condo residences, are situated on a slender block, formerly home to the TexPark complex. They were designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects of Toronto.

The towers are controversial as some citizens believe the towers will partially obstruct the view of the Halifax Harbour from Citadel Hill.

In March 2006, the architect said that despite the fact that the towers will be taller than Citadel Hill, they will not be visible from inside the parade square due to the steep slope of the downtown area and the distance from the historic fort.[citation needed] Some also believe the architecture doesn't fit with Halifax's other buildings.

As of September 13, 2007, the development has been approved by the Utility and Review Board.

The project has been named "The Twisted Sisters" by local press.

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