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Uno von Troil painted by Lorens Pasch the younger.

Uno von Troil (February 24, 1746 in Stockholm - 1803) was the Church of Sweden Archbishop of Uppsala 1786-1803.[1] He was the son of Samuel Troilius, who had also been archbishop.

He was known for great wit at a young age. After studies and travels abroad to the Netherlands, Iceland and Göttingen, he returned home and was ordained priest in 1773. In 1775 he was appointed court chaplain. He married in 1776. In 1778 he became vicar of Storkyrkan church in Stockholm. In 1780 he was consecrated bishop of Linköping.

He was appointed as archbishop in 1786, at the age of 40. As such, he was also the Speaker of the Clergy in the Riksdag of the Estates until his death. He was also a member of several scientific societies, and was a benefactor of such throughout his life.


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Preceded by
Carl Fredrik Mennander
Archbishop of Uppsala
Succeeded by
Jakob Axelsson Lindblom