Unpublished Story

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Unpublished Story
Unpublished Story FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Harold French
Produced by Anthony Havelock-Allan
Written by Anthony Havelock-Allan
Patrick Kirwan
Allan MacKinnon
Starring Richard Greene
Valerie Hobson
Basil Radford
Music by Nicholas Brodszky
Cinematography Bernard Knowles
Edited by Vera Campbell
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates 10 August 1942 (UK)
Running time 92 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Unpublished Story is a 1942 British black-and-white war film, directed by Harold French and starring Richard Greene, Valerie Hobson, Basil Radford, Roland Culver, and Ronald Shiner as an agitating pamphleteer, or leaflet distributor.[1] It was produced and co-written by Anthony Havelock-Allan.

Plot summary[edit]

Bob Randall (Greene), a war correspondent with a fictional London newspaper, the Gazette, is evacuated with British troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. He writes a hard-hitting story of his experiences, but it is killed by the censor (Radford).

As London burns in the Blitz, and the newspaper struggles to stay in business, he writes several more eye-witness stories, and then learns of People For Peace, a pacifist organisation. He suspects the members of being Nazi tools and investigates the group. Together with a fellow journalist, Carole Bennett (Hobson), he finds that his suspicions are correct and that it has already been penetrated by security officers.

But when one of the members changes his views and approaches Bennett with a tell-all story, she is kidnapped by the leaders of the group. In a raid by police and security officers, she is freed, but Randall is wounded in a shoot-out.

They have their story, but the security officer in charge makes it clear that the incident must remain unpublished – it never happened.


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