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Unsdorf (Hebrew: קריית אונסדורף‎) is a Haredi Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. It is located on the northern edge of the mountain plateau on which central Jerusalem lies. Unsdorf is bordered by Kiryat Sanz, Kiryat Belz, and Kiryat Mattersdorf.

The main thoroughfare is Sorotzkin Street, named after Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin.[1]


Unsdorf was founded by Rabbi Akiva Ehrenfeld, who established the neighboring Kiryat Mattersdorf neighborhood under the direction of his father, Rabbi Shmuel Ehrenfeld, the Mattersdorfer Rav, in 1959.[2]


Unsdorf is home to the Beth Jacob Jerusalem seminary founded by Bruria David. The Lakewood Yeshiva also maintained a branch here for many years before relocating to Ramot in 2004. The Maon Tzivia Mother-Baby Convalescent Home,[3] operated by the Yad Ezra charity,[4] is a popular in-city alternative to the Telzstone Mother-Baby Convalescent Facility.

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Coordinates: 31°47′42″N 35°12′16″E / 31.794923°N 35.204358°E / 31.794923; 35.204358