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Unstaged (also known as American Express Unstaged or Unstaged: An Original Series from American Express) is a series of individual concert films sponsored by American Express. The live performances by various artists are filmed by the various directors listed below and broadcast live streaming on the artists' official VEVO channel on YouTube.[citation needed]

Title Director Date
Arcade Fire Terry Gilliam August 5, 2010[1]
John Legend & The Roots Spike Lee September 23, 2010
Sugarland Kenny Ortega October 12, 2010
Duran Duran David Lynch March 23, 2011
My Morning Jacket Todd Haynes May 31, 2011[2]
Coldplay Anton Corbijn October 26, 2011
Mary J. Blige: My Life Adam Shankman November 17, 2011
Jack White Gary Oldman April 27, 2012[3]
Usher Hamish Hamilton June 11, 2012[4]
Kenny Chesney Jonathan Demme June 12, 2012
The Killers Werner Herzog September 18, 2012
"Vampire Weekend" Steve Buscemi April 28 2013
Kings of Leon Fred Armisen August 13, 2013
Pharrell Spike Lee June 3, 2014
Tim McGraw Bennett Miller September 16, 2014


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