Up Country

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Up Country
Author Nelson DeMille
Country United States
Subject Vietnam War, cold case murders
Genre Thriller
Publisher Warner Books
Publication date
Media type Hardcover, paperback, audiobook
Pages 706 (large print edition)
ISBN 0-446-51657-0
OCLC 400168803
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3554.E472 U6 2002
Preceded by The General's Daughter

Up Country is a thriller novel by Nelson DeMille released in 2002.[1][2] Set in contemporary Vietnam, the novel features the return of the character of Paul Brenner, a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer and an investigator for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command and the protagonist of DeMille's The General's Daughter (1992).[2] Brenner and his new girlfriend drive north through the former Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone from the old capital of Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, with the intention of solving a cold case murder from thirty years previously, in which an American soldier was shot dead by a superior officer.[1] En route, Brenner recounts to her the battles he fought in during the Vietnam War.[2] These recalled conflicts are in fact those the author engaged in during the Tet Offensive as an infantry officer of the army's First Cavalry Division; DeMille has characterized the work as his most personal since his 1978 debut By the Rivers of Babylon.[2]

Paramount Pictures, the motion-picture studio that was responsible for the 1999 film adaptation The General's Daughter, likewise bought the rights to Up Country, with actor John Travolta slated to return as Brenner.[2] Up Country was published by Warner Books.


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