Uphill Cliff

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Uphill Cliff
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Uphill Cliff is located in Somerset
Uphill Cliff
Shown within Somerset
Area of Search Avon
Grid reference ST318583
Coordinates 51°19′11″N 2°58′48″W / 51.31970°N 2.98004°W / 51.31970; -2.98004Coordinates: 51°19′11″N 2°58′48″W / 51.31970°N 2.98004°W / 51.31970; -2.98004
Interest Biological
Area 19.8 hectares (0.198 km2; 0.076 sq mi)
Notification 1952 (1952)
Natural England website

Uphill Cliff (grid reference ST318583) is a 19.8 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest near the village of Uphill, North Somerset, although it is in the Avon Area of Search used by English Nature which is based on the 1974-1996 county system.[1]

Uphill Cliff looking North East. At the top is the Old Church of St Nicholas

The site was notified as an SSSI in 1952 and the area increased in a 1984 Revision. The site excludes Uphill Church and grounds.

It consists of species-rich calcareous grassland and rock-face situated on Carboniferous Limestone. Steeper banks and knolls in the grassland have a flora which includes orchids Somerset Hair Grass Koeleria vallesiana, and Honewort Trinia glauca and the Goldilocks Aster linosyris along with several species of butterfly and Weevil (Curculionoidea).[2]


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