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Uppaluris are a tribe originating from Gudivada in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh of India. They sometimes belong to the class of Brahmins & Kammas. The lineage of noted Uppaluri, U.G. Krishnamurti, is detailed in The Seed Beneath the Volcano. Uppaluri is also a common Indian surname.

Uppaluru is a village in Andha Pradesh and is a railway station between Vijayavada and Gudivada.

The tribe was the first tribe in India to make use of knives as efficiently as done now in Kirsha district. They have also made effective use stones making the first ever effigy of their great leader Uppa. Many Uppaluri Brahmins lived in Gudivada between 1900 and 1985. Most of the families moved out to different parts of India and abroad.