Upper Bann (Assembly constituency)

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Coordinates: 54°27′25″N 6°22′48″W / 54.457°N 6.380°W / 54.457; -6.380

Upper Bann
County constituency
for the Northern Ireland Assembly
Upper Bann shown within Northern Ireland
Districts Craigavon, Banbridge
Current constituency
Created 1996
Assembly Members Sam Gardiner
Dolores Kelly
Stephen Moutray
John O'Dowd
Jo-Anne Dobson
Sydney Anderson

Upper Bann is a constituency in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The seat was first used for a Northern Ireland-only election for the Northern Ireland Forum in 1996. Since 1998, it has elected members to the current Assembly.

For Assembly elections prior to 1996, the constituency was largely part of the Armagh and South Down constituencies with a small section around Aghagallon joining from South Antrim. Since 1997, it has shared boundaries with the Upper Bann UK Parliament constituency.

For further details of the history and boundaries of the constituency, see Upper Bann (UK Parliament constituency).


Northern Ireland Assembly (1998–present)[edit]

Election MLA
1998 David Trimble
George Savage
Brid Rodgers
Denis Watson
Dara O'Hagan
(Sinn Féin)
Mervyn Carrick
2003 Sam Gardiner
Dolores Kelly
Stephen Moutray
John O'Dowd
(Sinn Féin)
David Simpson
2007 George Savage
July 2010
Sydney Anderson
2011 Jo-Anne Dobson

Note: The columns in this table are used only for presentational purposes, and no significance should be attached to the order of columns. For details of the order in which seats were won at each election, see the detailed results of that election.

Northern Ireland Forum (1996)[edit]

In the 1996 election to the Northern Ireland Peace Forum, 5 Forum members were elected from Upper Bann. They were as follows:


Northern Ireland Assembly[edit]

Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2011[1]
Party Candidate 1st Pref Result Count
Sinn Féin John O'Dowd 6,649 Elected 1
DUP Sydney Anderson 5,854 Elected 5
DUP Stephen Moutray 5,645 Elected 5
Sinn Féin Johnny McGibbon 4,879 Not Elected 7
SDLP Dolores Kelly 4,846 Elected 7
UUP Sam Gardiner 3,676 Elected 7
UUP Colin McCusker 3,402 Not Elected 6
UUP Jo-Anne Dobson 3,348 Elected 7
Alliance Harry Hamilton 1,979 Not Elected 4
TUV David Vance 1,026 Not Elected 3
Alliance Sheila McQuaid 786 Not Elected 3
UKIP Barbara Trotter 272 Not Elected 2
Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2007
Party Candidate 1st Pref Result Count
Sinn Féin John O'Dowd 7,733 Elected 1
DUP David Simpson 6,828 Elected 1
UUP Sam Gardiner 5,135 Elected 9
SDLP Dolores Kelly 4,689 Elected 8
DUP Stephen Moutray 3,663 Elected 11
Sinn Féin Dessie Ward 3,118 Not elected 12
DUP John McCrum 2,975 Not elected 10
UUP George Savage 2,167 Elected 12
UUP Arnold Hatch 1,815 Not elected 8
Independent (Unionist) Davy Calvert 1,332 Not elected 7
Green (NI) Helen Corry 1,156 Not elected 7
Alliance Sheila McQuaid 798 Not elected 5
SDLP Patrick McAleenan 761 Not elected 4
(Republican Sinn Féin) Barry Toman 386 Not elected 3
Conservative David Fry 248 Not elected 3
Independent (Unionist) Suzanne Peeples 78 Not elected 3
Northern Ireland Assembly election, 2003
Party Candidate 1st Pref Result Count
UUP David Trimble 9,158 Elected 1
DUP David Simpson 5,933 Elected 5
Sinn Féin John O'Dowd 5,524 Elected 11
DUP Stephen Moutray 4,697 Elected 6
Sinn Féin Dara O'Hagan 3,970 Not elected
SDLP Dolores Kelly 3,661 Elected 11
SDLP Kieran Corr 3,157 Not elected
UUP Sam Gardiner 2,359 Elected 9
DUP Denis Watson 1,770 Not elected
UUP George Savage 1,269 Not elected
Independent David Jones 585 Not elected
Independent Sidney Anderson 581 Not elected
Alliance Francis McQuaid 571 Not elected
Workers' Party Tom French 247 Not elected
Northern Ireland Assembly election, 1998
Party Candidate 1st Pref Result Count
UUP David Trimble 12,338 Elected
SDLP Brid Rodgers 9,260 Elected
Independent Unionist Denis Watson 4,855 Elected
Sinn Féin Dara O'Hagan 4,301 Elected
DUP Mervyn Carrick 4,177 Elected
DUP Ruth Allen 3,635 Not elected
Sinn Féin Francie Murray 2,915 Not elected
SDLP Mel Byrne 2,687 Not elected
Alliance Francis McQuaid 1,556 Not elected
UK Unionist David Vance 1,405 Not elected
UUP George Savage 669 Elected
UUP Mark Neale 455 Not elected
Labour Party NI Alan Evans 439 Not elected
Workers' Party Tom French 270 Not elected
Independent Kenny McClinton 207 Not elected
Ulster Independence Brian Silcock 101 Not elected
Natural Law Jack Lyons 32 Not elected

1996 Forum[edit]

Successful candidates are shown in bold.[2]

Party Candidate(s) Votes Percentage
UUP David Trimble
Sam Gardiner
George Savage
John Dobson
Mark Neale
16,592 36.3
SDLP Bríd Rodgers
Kieran McGeown
Patricia Mallon
Sean McKavanagh
Dolores Kelly
9,846 21.5
DUP Mervyn Carrick
Frederick Baird
Ruth Allen
7,134 15.6
Sinn Féin Michelle O'Connor
Rory Harbinson
Jean Fegan
Christopher Burke
5,620 12.3
Alliance William Ramsey
Frank McQuaid
Sean Hagan
2,152 5.7
PUP William Lawrie
Edward Kinner
1,404 3.1
UK Unionist Morrison Woods
Dorothy Boyd
886 1.9
Labour coalition Hugh Casey
Alan Evans
William White
Mary Sheen
512 1.0
Ulster Democratic David McCrea
John Hammond
402 0.9
NI Women's Coalition Kate Cochrane
Chris Moffat
Lesley Doyle
390 0.9
Workers' Party Tom French
Peter Smith
311 0.7
Ulster Independence Edward Kidd
Gary Nelson
180 0.4
Green (NI) Gavin McDowell
Jameshid Fenderesky
Martha Brett
178 0.4
Democratic Partnership Adrian McKinney
Pearl Snowden
71 0.2
Democratic Left Ciaran McClean
Martin Cullen
36 0.1
Natural Law John Darby
Rosalind Mulholland
14 0.0
Independent Chambers Keith Chambers
William Larmour Jr
4 0.0


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