Upper Lascar Row

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Street sign of Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan
Side shop of Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan

Lascar Row, better known as Cat Street (traditional Chinese: 摩羅上街; simplified Chinese: 摩罗上街; pinyin: Mōluó Shàng Jiē; Cantonese Yale: Mo1 lo4 seung6 gaai1), is a narrow alley in Mid Levels, Hong Kong that runs parallel to Hollywood Road on the north side. It is a straight alley measuring over 509 feet. "Lascars" were seamen from South Asia, and particularly from the Indian subcontinent, who frequented the area, giving it a reputation for lawlessness and criminal behaviour. There was an Indian police dormitory in this street.

On 11 February 1911 a fire burnt Upper and Lower Lascar Row destroying 16 houses and damaging another 24.[1]

Now Cat Street is mostly occupied by antique shops, and is a popular destination for tourists.
Coordinates: 22°17′05″N 114°09′00″E / 22.284711°N 114.150003°E / 22.284711; 114.150003

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22°17′09″N 114°08′56″E / 22.28576°N 114.14897°E / 22.28576; 114.14897


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