Upper Sûre National Park

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Upper Sûre National Park is located in the far northwest of the Oesling area of Luxembourg, and is primarily an area of conservation and a specially protected area for wild birds. The objectives of the park are threefold.

First, and more importantly, the aim is to protect the natural environment and ecosystem. This means preserving the indigenous flora and fauna as well as protecting the purity of air, water, and soil quality. A second goal is to develop economic activity, mostly forestry and low-density tourism, as a means of creating employment and a high quality of life. As a result, the transportation of infrastructure throughout the park is excellent.

For visitors to the park, there is a host of leisure activities, from nature walks, to tours of cultural monuments, to water sports on the Upper Sûre Lake. More than 310 miles (500 km) of well-maintained foothpaths make this a popular spot for day-trippers with a wide range of accommodation for the vacationer. A fair and festival is held in the park annually on the first weekend in July. The park is also home to a water reservoir, and a barrage dam.

The third objective is to preserve the architectural heritage of the area, which ranges from large numbers of chapels and disused mills to former slate quarries and castle ruins.

Coordinates: 49°54′07″N 5°52′19″E / 49.902°N 5.872°E / 49.902; 5.872