Uproar in the Studio

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Uproar in the Studio
Directed by Wan Laiming
Wan Guchan
Produced by Wan Laiming
Wan Guchan
Release dates
Running time
10-12 minutes
Country China

Uproar in the Studio (simplified Chinese: 大闹画室; traditional Chinese: 大鬧畫室; pinyin: Dà nào huashì) is a black and white Chinese animation short made in 1926 by Wan Laiming and Wan Guchan. The short film helped the Wan brothers become recognized as the official pioneer of the animation industry in China. The film is now lost.


The film was combined with live footage. It is about an artist in his studio working and suddenly he is disturbed by a small paper person jumping out of the page causing an uproar. The artist in the footage was Wan Guchan.


The short was created for non-commercial use by the Wan brothers when they were working at the Great Wall Film Company. The animation ran for 10–12 minutes in black and white to showcase the technology.


In 1985 Marie-Claire Quiquemelle's essay "The Wan Brothers and 60 years of Animated Film in China" in Festival d'Annecy stated that there are really 2 separate films produced in 1926. Uproar in the Studio is modeled after the U.S film Out of the Inkwell by Max Fleischer. Another film, Paperman makes Trouble is known as (纸人捣乱记) or (一封书信寄回来) in original Chinese. The content has to do with the paper person receiving a letter. Because the contents between the productions are so similar, there are a lot of confusion concerning the two. It is believed the younger Wan brother's studio was bombed as part of the January 28 Incident.

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