Upsala Nya Tidning

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Upsala Nya Tidning
Editor-in-chief Lars Nilsson
Founded 1890
Language Swedish
Headquarters Uppsala, Sweden
Circulation 49,900 (2010)[1]
ISSN 1104-0173

Upsala Nya Tidning or UNT is a regional daily newspaper published in Uppsala (older spelling Upsala), Sweden. The name means Upsala New Newspaper and the first issue appeared in 1890. It has a circulation of about 60,000 (in 2003). The distribution and news coverage are mainly regional, while the editorial page is devoted to national and international as well as regional affairs. The stated political position of the editorial page is "independent liberal".

In August 2008 the newspaper first published a story about a 78-year-old woman who put herself down the baggage chute at the airport after misreading check-in signs. The story was reported by international newspapers and radio stations, including those in the United Kingdom.

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