Upsidaisium (story arc)

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Rocky and Bullwinkle story arc
Story arc (#) 3
No. of segments 36
Air date (start) September 25, 1960
Air date (end) January 22, 1961
Program title Rocky And His Friends
Network ABC
Directed by Gerard Baldwin
Pete Burness
Bill Hurtz
Gerry Ray
Bob Schleh
George Singer
Ernie Terrazas
Produced by Ponsonby Britt
Written by George Atkins
Chris Hayward
Chris Jenkins
Lloyd Turner
Production 53-88
Guests Capt. Peachfuzz, Mr. Big
Boris's disguises Gunga Drain
Mojave Max
Death Valley Dotty
Five-star General
Episode list List of Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes
Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Box Top Robbery" "Metal-Munching Mice"

Upsidaisium is the first story arc from the second season of Rocky and His Friends. With 36 segments it was the second-longest of all Rocky and Bullwinkle story arcs, and concerns Rocky and Bullwinkle's efforts to reclaim Bullwinkle's Uncle's Upsidaisium mine. It was broadcast on ABC during the 1960-1961 television season on Sundays, concurrently with Metal-Munching Mice on Thursdays.[1]

Plot synopsis[edit]

Bullwinkle receives a letter informing him that his uncle Dewlap has passed on, leaving him a mine located on Mt. Flatten. Rocky and Bullwinkle set out to find it, and soon discover that they're being monitored by not only Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale, but their old friend Captain Peter "Wrong Way" Peachfuzz, the new head of G-2. Peachfuzz has been sent to make sure Rocky and Bullwinkle find Mt. Flatten, as its ore, the anti-gravity metal Upsidaisium, is much sought after by the U.S. government. While under the guise of a pair of prospectors, Boris and Natasha manage to help Rocky and Bullwinkle locate Mt. Flatten, which floats high in the air due to the high amount of Upsidaisium within it. Once they reach the mountain, Boris and Natasha are joined by their intimidating superior, Mr. Big, who tells them that Pottsylvania also seeks Upsidaisium as a means to eliminate a traffic problem (by building cars with the anti-gravity ore). Eventually, thanks to Rocky's ingenuity, Mt. Flatten is transported to Washington D.C., and the Upsidaisium is put under lock and key by the government. Unfortunately, Boris attempts to smuggle the precious metal out of the government's reach, even going so far as to disguising himself as a U.S. general. Rocky and Bullwinkle are cornered by Mr. Big, but when they attack him, they find that he's really a very tiny individual. Mr. Big escapes into an Upsidaisium vault, and Boris and Natasha are put under arrest. Seizing a bit of Upsidaisium and using Rocky as a hostage, Mr. Big attempts to escape but is carried into the air by his ill-gotten gains, never to be seen again, resulting in another happy ending for the duo.

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