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Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop, hip hop
Years active 1996–2000, 2006, 2009-present
Members Chris Jung
Roy Kim
Jonathan Moon
Michael Horton
Past members Tasha Reid
Bohra Kim
Young John Kim
Tam Hee Park
Carlos Galvan
Steve Kim

Uptown (업타운) is a South Korean hip hop group which debuted in 1997. Uptown was first created in 1996 when R&B and hip-hop were first introduced to Korea.[1] The group's four original members are Chris Jung, Carlos Galvan, Steve Kim and Tasha Reid. The group underwent several lineup changes and then disbanded in 2000. The group made a comeback and released their album, Testimony in May 2006. Steve Kim, Carlos Galvan and Chris Jung returned to the group without Tasha Reid. The female spot in the group was initially given to half-Caucasian half-African American rapper Say, but was soon replaced by teenage artist Jessica H. O. who was featured in their 2006 album, Testimony. For their 2009 album, New Era, the group went through yet another lineup change, replacing Steve Kim and Carlos Galvan with Roy Kim, Jonathan Moon, and Michael Horton.

Current members[edit]

Chris Jung[edit]

Chris Jung (born January 5, 1968, Seoul), also known as XL, is a Korean singer-songwriter. He is member of Korean hip hop and rhythm and blues group Uptown, duet Slow Jam and project group SOUL-TOWN.

Roy Kim[edit]

Roy Kim, who goes under the moniker Big Chan or Snacky Chan, is a hip-hop artist originally from the United States (Boston & New York). He joined the group for their 2009 comeback. He is known for his deep, story telling lyrics along with punchlines and smooth flow. Many American fans were disappointed with his decision to work in Korea.

Jonathan Moon[edit]

Also known as Swings or Moon Swings, he is from the underground hip-hop crew Overclass. With the title of "Punchline King," he delivers his lyrics passionately with a perfected flow.

Michael Anthony Horton[edit]

Michael Horton, also known as Maniac, is a half-black, half-Korean underground hip-hop artist in Korea. He is known for his husky voice and speed.

Former members[edit]

Tasha Reid[edit]

Main article: Tasha Reid

Bohra Kim[edit]

Big boy

Young John Kim[edit]

Tam Hee Park[edit]

Carlos Galvan[edit]

Carlos Ricardo Galvan (born February 5, 1978) is a hip hop artist who is the founder/member of the Korean hip-hop group Uptown He's known better by the nickname "Carlitos" and the alias "Cali-Mexci" & "SoLRaC". In 2009 he released his first solo album, "Still Standin'" and was even able to cross-promote with American R&B artist Ne-Yo by hosting his concert after-party in Seoul. His first single, "U R My Girl", charted in Korea. He also featured in albums 1999 대한민국(Daehanmin-guk), Girlfriends 1집, 간종욱(Kan Jong-wook) 1집, Bae Seul-ki 1집, KCM 4집 and Allstars 겨울바다.

Steve Kim[edit]


  • 1997: Represent
  • 1997: Represented... Now Believe
  • 1998: Mutual Best
  • 1998: Chapter 3 in History
  • 1998: Absolute Power
  • 1998: Verbal Medication
  • 2000: History
  • 2006: Testimony
  • 2009: New Era Release
  • 2010: Surprise!

Spin off groups of Uptown[edit]


Year Award-Giving Body Category Work Result
2006 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Hip-Hop Performance "Go To Hong Kong"[2] Nominated


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