Uqair Protocol of 1922

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Map of boundaries determined by Uqair Protocol

The Uqair Protocol or Uqair Convention was an agreement at Uqair on 2 December 1922 which defined the boundaries between Iraq and Nejd (modern Saudi Arabia) and between Kuwait and Nejd. It was brokered by Percy Cox, the British High Commissioner to Iraq, in response to Bedouin raiders from Nejd under ibn Saud. Cox met ibn Saud and Major John More, the British Political Agent to Kuwait. The boundaries included a Saudi–Iraqi neutral zone and a Saudi–Kuwaiti neutral zone.

Kuwait was not permitted any role in outcome of the Uqair agreement, the Saudis and British decided Kuwait's modern-day boundaries. Kuwait lost more than 2/3rds of its territory due to the agreement and anti-British sentiment was growing in Kuwait due to the loss of territory.


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