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Urakami Tenshudo (Catholic Church in Nagasaki) destroyed by the atomic bomb, the bell of the church having toppled off.

Urakami was an area in the northern part of the city of Nagasaki. It is the exact ground zero where the atomic bomb exploded on August 9, 1945, killing roughly 39,000–80,000 people,[1] including thousands of Japanese civilian munitions workers, approximately 2,000 Korean forced workers, and at least 150 Japanese soldiers. It is also the site of Urakami Cathedral, which was the largest cathedral in East Asia before it was destroyed by the bomb and then rebuilt.


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32°46′26″N 129°51′48″E / 32.773753°N 129.863251°E / 32.773753; 129.863251Coordinates: 32°46′26″N 129°51′48″E / 32.773753°N 129.863251°E / 32.773753; 129.863251 (ground zero)