Ural Airlines

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Ural Airlines
Ural Airlines logo.png
Founded 1943 (as part of Aeroflot)
Commenced operations 1993
Hubs Koltsovo International Airport, Tolmachevo International Airport
Secondary hubs Domodedovo International Airport
Focus cities Dubai International Airport, Karlovy Vary International Airport
Frequent-flyer program Travelling Club "Wings"
Fleet size 35
Destinations 40
Headquarters Yekaterinburg, Russia
Website www.uralairlines.ru/en

Ural Airlines (Ура́льские авиали́нии) is an airline based in Yekaterinburg, Russia,[1] operates scheduled and chartered domestic and international flights out of Koltsovo International Airport. In 2012, the company transported 3.5 million passengers.[2] During its history the company has won the National Aviation Award "Wings of Russia" 14 times.


The airline was founded in 1943 as Sverdlovsk State Air Enterprises, and later became part of Aeroflot, the Soviet state airline, being in charge of Yekaterinburg Airport. Following the split-up of Aeroflot, Ural Airlines became a joint stock company incorporated under the laws of the Russian Federation on 28 December 1993, and the airline business was separated from the airport. Today, the company is owned by Ural Wings (65.77%) and Ural Transport Bank (14.67%) and has 1,390 employees.[citation needed]


A Ural Airlines Airbus A321-200 on short final to Domodedovo International Airport in 2009.

Codeshare agreements[edit]

Ural Airlines has codeshare agreements with the following airlines (as of April 2013):


As of March 2015, the Ural Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft with an average age of 11.8 years:

Ural Airlines fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Seats Notes
B E Total
Airbus A319-200 6[3] 6 126 134[4]
Airbus A320-200 18[5] 12 144 156[6] 2 leased from GECAS
Airbus A321-200 7 16 182 198[6]
3[7] 220 220[7] Charter use[7]
Total 34

In 2010, Ural Airlines retired all of its Antonov An-24s, Ilyushin Il-86s and Tupolev Tu-154B-2's.[8] The airline's Tupolev Tu-154M, in 164-seat two-class configuration, was retired in October 16, 2011.[9]

Accurate data on Airbus A320 family aircraft operated by Ural Airlines is available through the airline's official website[6] and some other Russian sources, such as Aviaport digest.[10][11] English-language sources are CH-Aviation[12] and Planespotters.net.[13]

Ural Airlines plans to operate 31 aircraft by 2013.[14]

Ural Airlines plans to introduce widebodies.[15] According to the airline's advanced development plan, it plans to begin flying long-range wide-body airplanes of the A330[16] or Boeing 767 type in 2012-2013 as a late replacement of Ilyushin Il-86, decision yet to be made.[17]

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