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The Urals State Law Academy (USLA)
Уральская государственная юридическая академия
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Latin: The Urals State Law Academy
Motto Intelligence, honor, creativity
Established 1931
Type Public University System
President Bublik, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Campus Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk
Website USLA (Eng) http://en.usla.ru/
USLA campus map

The Urals State Law Academy (USLA) (Ural State Law Academy) (Ural State Academy of Jurisprudence) is a public, research university which includes law schools, colleges, faculties and other public graduate and undergraduate educational institutions. USLA's main campus is situated in the Yekaterinburg, Russia. Founded in 1931, USLA is one of the largest law schools in the Russian Federation.[1] USLA is organized into 15 schools, colleges, and institutes, located in centers and campuses throughout Yekaterinburg, Ufa and Chelyabinsk. USLA operates international scientific relations facilities in London, Helsinki, Astana, Berlin, Kiev, and Minsk. The academy is commonly regarded as one of Russia's most prestigious university and has high entry requirements for its prospective students. National Universities rankings ranked the academy in 5 place of the best Law schools in the Russian Federation.[2] The Federal Agency for Scientific Research in information and telecommunication technologies of The Russian Federation ranked USLA in the 2nd position for the best law schools in Russia in 2008. [3] In 2004, USLA was awarded by Gold Medal in "One hundred best universities in Russia".[4] In 2010 among all Russian universities by the order of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation - The public organization for civic control over tranparent and equal opportunity of admissions procedures ranked USLA in 11th position.[5]

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USLA's dormitory building

The Siberian Institute of Soviet Law was founded on April 20, 1931 in Irkutsk by the decision of the Government of the Soviet Union. In August 1, 1934 the resolution of the Government of the Soviet Union transferred The Siberian Institute of Soviet Law from Irkutsk to Sverdlovsk. In 1935, The Siberian Institute of Soviet Law was renamed as Sverdlovsk Law Institute. Finally in 1937, Siberian Institute of Soviet Law had received the new name - The Sverdlovsk Law Institute (SUI). During this period, the institute had been cooperating with the following scientists and professors: Professor V. Durdenevsky, S.F. Kechekyan, B.A. Landau, B.B. Cherepakhin, K.S. Judelson, S. Yushkov and others. In December 24, 1992 The Sverdlovsk Law Institute was renamed as the The Urals State Law Academy.


  • Justice Institute
  • Institute of business and law
  • Institute of prosecution service
  • Institute of state and international law
  • Qualification training and retraining of staff institute
  • Bachelor faculty
  • General professional education faculty
  • Magisterial training faculty
  • Evening faculty
  • Short program faculty
  • Region-evening faculty
  • Undergraduate faculty
  • Faculty of additional education
  • Doctorate and aspirant training faculty
Alley of justice


Scientists, professors and graduate students of the Academy participate in international, national and regional Academic conference and seminars. Ural State Law Academy is the organizer of the traditional scientific conferences. The major scientific/practical conferences are conducted by the Law School and commonly called "Days of Science". These conferences are attended by the representatives of federal and regional governments, representatives of foreign countries, as well as representatives of Russian universities: undergraduate and graduate students. The Urals State Law Academy in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science (Russia) conducts the All-Russian open contest of students' research papers in law. The winners are awarded with Presidential scholarships as well as the scholarships of the Russian Government, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, the Academic Council of USLA. Since 1993, the Academy in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice (Russia) publishes scientific/theoretical and practical research projects of its students. In addition, the Academy together with the Supreme Court of Russia publishes the Yearbook of civil and arbitration cases. The Scientific Library of USLA has turned into one of the largest book depositories of legal literature in Russia. The library's fund has about one million copies.

International Relations[edit]

USLA maintains and develops relationships with a number of leading universities in Europe and USA. Since 2007, the Association of Lawyers of Russia conducts the USLA's Eurasian congress which is intended to involve a participation of legal scholars, representatives of government and law enforcement experts to International scientific relations.


USLA's hockey team

Over the years Ural State Law Academy trained over 60,000 qualified professionals. Graduates of the university made a major contribution to the state and legal construction, the work of the judiciary and the judicial system. The USLA's Alumni association is highly supported by the Academy. Among the graduates of USLA: current Prosecutor General of Russia, Judges of Constitutional, Arbitration and Supreme court of Russia, The Head of Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan, ministers and vice-minister of the Government of Russia, Prosecutors of states of the Russian Federation, Judges of Supreme court of Belarus. USLA Alumni


Students at the Law School publish several legal journals:

- Lawyer

- Injust