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Astro Boy character
Uran as she appears in 2003 Astro Boy anime.
First appearance Astro Boy (original)
Last appearance Astro Boy (2003)
Created by Osamu Tezuka
Voiced by Yoko Mizugaki/Reiko Mutō (1963)
Billie Lou Watt (1960's English)
Masako Sugaya (1980)
Becke Wilenski (1980's English)
Miki Maruyama (2003)
Susan Blu (English 2004)
Nickname(s) Astro Girl, Sarah, Zoran
Species Robot
Gender Female
Family Astro Boy
Professor Ochanomizu
Nationality Japanese

Uran (ウラン Uran?)( in Japanese, means uranium, the fuel of the atomic fission energy ), (also known as Astro Girl, Sarah or Zoran) is Astro's cybernetic sister in the manga and anime series Astro Boy, as well as its many adaptations. She is a superhuman robot with a naive, tomboyish personality.


1980 series[edit]

Uran was built by Professor Ochanomizu in the episode Uran the Tomboy as a gift to Astro. She is the third robot addition to Atom's family, the first two being his parents. Uran is an extremely mischievous little girl who constantly lands her older brother in trouble. While lacking Atom's weaponry and propulsion systems, she is extremely powerful 50,000 horsepower (37 MW), regularly accompanying Atom on various missions (or attempting to, at the very least). Like Atom, she is fully capable of experiencing human emotions (although she is somewhat immature), by being naughty or disobedient, even annoying.

In her debut episode, Uran is created in the New Year's Eve and then given to Atom as a sister. After a turn of events, she got fed up of her brother and fled. Later, a robot smuggling gang captured Uran and attempted to remodel her and other children robots into slaves, but Atom foiled their plans and Uran was rescued alongside the other captives.

Uran also became important in the color version of World's Greatest Robot Ark where she disguises herself as Atom in order to defend her robot parents from Pluto, but is soon defeated and captured in order to lure Atom into a battle.

However, upon facing Atom on a desert Island (after Pluto destroyed North #2) Brando appeared to challenge Pluto in order to avenge the death of his friend Montblank. With this Uran was released, since Pluto realized that she would be broken if she kept inside his body.

Afterward, Pluto got severe damage from the battle with Brando and begged Atom to press a switch in his chest which would call his creator, so he could be repaired.

Atom reluctant pressed the switch and then left with Uran telling Pluto that he didn't want to fight him again.

Uran's influence in Pluto made him rethink his action and also consider that destroying Atom would make her feel bad.

Before going to fight Bora and meet his end, Pluto requested Atom to give a message telling her to not forget him.

Tom Stanton's"Super 0 (Zero)" is a mega hit movie because of its continuous action scenes, and the tickets for its studio observation tour is determined by lot. Atom luckily wins the ticket in spite of high odds. Uran attends the tour instead of Atom with the ticket, but the meeting with Tom Stanton has passed rapidly. Unsatisfied Uran puts on a stuffed animal and sneaks into the studio, where she finds out that Tom's stunt scenes are played by a small robot Sam Stanton who just look alike Tom. Sam has never seen the movies he takes part in, for he is put in the small attaché case after finishing the stunt. Hearing that from Sam, Uran takes him out from the studio to show him the movies.

With this, she fled with Sam, but the security guards tried to capture her since Stantom's secret could ruin the career of the actor Tom Stantom.

While falling in a trap, both Uran and Sam are almost destroyed by one of the movie's robots, but Atom interfere saving both.

And after another failure from terminating them, the producers agree and giving Sam an actual movie career.

Uran, just like her 1952 manga and 1963 anime version, got interest in robotting to the point of allowing a modification which would allow her to split between two bodies. So, one body would attend in the other activities like music and drawing class, while another would fight in the robotting. Upon splitting in two the two robots started to argue with each other about who was the real Uran, but then both realized that was a better idea making a competition of rock-paper-scissors (jankenpo). Unknown to Uran, that ability had a failure which made her strength being halved and her other self got badly damaged which forced the other half who was attending artistic class to flee back home and beg her brother to save her other body from an unfeeling robot called Gameron. Following Gameron's defeat, Uran was repaired and then became a single entity once again without taking parts of Robotting competitions anymore.

Uran's last appearance would be in episode 49 which Uran has fallen in love with a robot named Zeus who was being used as a mass robot murderer by Lamp who is a criminal known for harassing robots for a long time and is being tracked down by the police. Uran, unknowingly, meets a strange robot who seemed to have a crush on her, but she rejected him due it's weird and funny appearance. One day, Uran went to the airport which would be the place of Lamp's next attack since she wanted to meet Zeus in person. Following Atom's interference who was being able to put a fight against Zeus, Lamp attempted to use Uran as a hostage, so Zeus could take the opportunity of killing his latest target. However, Zeus gone against his creator and attacked Lamp, pretty much for his surprise, but was shot down. Later, Uran discovered that weird robot from before was actually the electronic brain of Zeus who wanted to flee from his master. Lamp was arrasted and Zeus bidded farewell in order to achieve his freedom since he could not stay with Uran due his previous crimes.

2003 series[edit]

Uran reappeared in the 2003 series with the name Zoran in the English dub, with a slightly altered look, including a more appropriate dress in order to appeal to more western audiences. She still retains her tomboyish personality and cheekiness, however is shown to be more adventurous (which instead often puts her in trouble), which once allowed her to rescue a professor that was thought to be missing.

She is given the ability to communicate with animals and befriends a bird which she names Pikora (Houdini in the dub), however is often jealous of her brother's powers (such as the ability to fly, as well as his popularity). She first appeared in The Birth of Uran.

In the 2003 series, Dr. Ochanomizu was taking part of an interview about kokoro technology and then he announced the creation of a new robot model.

Sometime later, Atom went with Yuko to the Science Ministry and learned that he would earn a little sister and saw a little girl grabbing Dr. Ochanomizu's nose and causing a lot of pain, so she stopped her and that girl was about to cry when Atom explained that was a real nose.

Afterward, Dr. Ochanomizu introduced Atom to his little sister Uran who left the laboratory chasing Momo which she got a huge interest and Atom was tould to chase her.

While ridding Momo, Uran caused a lot of trouble and Atom helped out those who fell after Momo passed by.

Afterward, Uran fell from Momo and started to cause trouble outside the Science Ministry and then found a wounded bird near a forest who she named Pikora.

As Uran was newly born, she did not know social skills and one night Pikora awoke her up and she saw a giant bird flying through the skies of the city. In the next day, she told her story, but Atom didn't believed and said she was only having a dream and mocked the fact she said that Pikora was the one who told her the birds of the city fled because of said monster. Afterward, Robita told Atom that Dr. Ochanomizu had called for him at the Science Ministry.

Annoyed, Uran went with Pikora in order to find the monster and prove that she was right while Atom learned about the mechanical bird and realized that Uran was saying the truth.

Meanwhile, Uran infiltrated the terrorist base and was discovered, with this she was saved by an old man who had hid her in his kitchen.

That oldman had identified himself as Dr. Popotori and she took out the iron ball which was hindering his movement. Popotori tould Uran about the criminal's group and tried to take her away in a cart, but was discovered by one of the terrorists who noticed that he was no longer restrained.

Uran fled with Popotori, but was captured by Katari and the oldman was threw off from the cliff while trying to protect Uran.

After, Popotori, who nearly escaped from death went to the city in order to warn Dr. Ochanomizu.

Meanwhile, the mechanical bird was sent to the city in order to cause a rampage and Atom went to fight it, however Katari sent a message telling that Uran was in the machine's body and Atom could only try to distract the enemy robot attention away from the city.

Taking advantage, Katari lied to everyone telling that robots were not worth of trust and that Atom would turn against humans.

Meanwhile, Dr. Popotori finally arrived in the city and told a way to save Uran from the Mechanical Bird and afterward Atom destroyed the creature.

Atom apologised to Uran for not believing on her and told her to be more polite, but Uran said it didn't suited her and she left him running after being scolded.

Other Appearances[edit]

In the original television series, Uran first appeared in Episode 37/25 ("Uran"/"The Strange Birthday Present") using the name Astro Girl in the US. She was also featured in many of Tezuka's Other Works, being in Osamu Tezuka's Star System. As well as this, she appeared in the Pluto manga where she had the ability to communicate with animals.

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