Urban College of Boston

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Urban College of Boston
Urban College of Boston MA.jpg
Urban College of Boston (2011)
Established 1993
Type two year community college
Chairman Peter L. Ebb, Chairman, Board of Trustees
President Robert A. Regan
Students 600 (2012)
Location Boston, Massachusetts, USA
42°21′10″N 71°03′51″W / 42.3529°N 71.0642°W / 42.3529; -71.0642Coordinates: 42°21′10″N 71°03′51″W / 42.3529°N 71.0642°W / 42.3529; -71.0642
Website urbancollege.edu

Urban College of Boston (UCB) is a private junior college located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts.


In 1967, Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) started the Urban College Program to meet the educational, employment and career development needs of the adult community. This was a collaboration with major Boston area colleges and universities which enabled men and women over the years to earn academic credits toward undergraduate and graduate degrees while still acquiring job-related skills.[1]

In May 1993, the Higher Education Coordinating Council of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts chartered the Urban College of Boston: A Two-Year College as a private institution of higher learning, authorized to grant the degree of Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education, General Studies, and Human Services Administration.[1]

In January 1994, UCB enrolled its first degree candidates, both men and women.[1]

In 1995, UCB was granted Candidacy Status for Accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).[1]

In 1998, the affiliation with ABCD was re-cast as a partnership when UCB was granted a 501(c)(3) status as a tax exempt non-profit organization. In September 2000, it became a fully independent college, while maintaining a partnership with ABCD.[1]

In October 2001, UCB was awarded full accreditation by NEASC.[1]


UCB was founded by ABCD as "a non-traditional, multicultural college" and is "a 'feeder system' for students from literacy, GED, adult education, Head Start (parents and staff) and youth programs into higher education" while its founder, ABCD, serves as one of the "feeder systems" for the college itself.[2]

The college is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of School and Colleges (NEASC) and offers Associate of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education, Human Services Administration and General Studies in addition to certificate programs and continuing education courses.[2]

2012 crisis[edit]

In 2012, UCB faced a financial crisis and deficit and had planned to partner with Endicott College. There was a $250,000 deficit that UCB couldn't fill directly, resulting in complaints from NEASC about UCB's future financial viability. UCB aggressively took steps to remedy this situation and complaint.[3][4][5]

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