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Urban Design Group (UDG) is a professional architectural, interior, planning and urban designservices firm. The firm offers services from their studios in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas, Texas.

Organizational background[edit]

Urban Design Group was founded in 1975, by John M. Novack, Jr., after leaving his position as Design Director at C. F. Murphy Associates of Chicago.[1] The organization has grown steadily since 1975, having designed several urban projects, including Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas; One Tabor Center in Denver, Colorado; Disney's Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, Florida; and Carlson Center in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Urban Design Group is managed with a studio approach. Each office functions as an independent studio within the larger firm.

The firm has completed more than $4.5 billion work of projects worldwide.[citation needed]

Notable projects[edit]

Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, Oklahoma
One Tabor Center, Denver, Colorado
Bugis Junction, Singapore


Law Office/Crawford Hill Mansion, Denver, Colorado
Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Reno, Nevada
California Adventure, Anaheim, California
Rivercenter, San Antonio, Texas
Rivercenter, San Antonio, Texas


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