Urban Tales

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Urban Tales
Origin Lisboa, Portugal
Genres Rock, heavy metal, gothic
Years active 2005–present
Members Marcos César
Tiago Borges
Jon Van Dave
João Coroa

Urban Tales are a Lisbon based rock band, with heavy metal and gothic influences in their sound. Formed in 2005 by frontman Marcos César, the band quickly became one of the top metal acts in their native country, Portugal. Their discography includes a full length album, "Diary of a No" (2007), a 3 song EP, "Alive" (2008) and a demo "Urban Tales" (2006).

"Diary of a No" era[edit]

After the impact that "Urban Tales" (2006) had in the scene, and with the recording deal assured with Burning Star Records, Urban Tales started the recording sessions for their first full length album, "Diary of a No" (2007). During this time, and due to musical and internal differences, several members of the band abandon the project, right before the beginning of the sessions. In a run against time, Marcos recruited some session musicians and, with the production team, they manage to record "Diary of a No". The post production of the album took most of 2007 summer, and the album was ready to see the light of day by the end of the year.

During the recording sessions of the album Tiago Borges (bass) joined the band and in the summer Jota (drums) and Johnny (guitar) teamed up with Urban Tales. In late 2007 Urban Tales have done some live performances with guests Pedro Barradas (guitar, collaborated with Urban Tales in "Alive" EP) and Bruno Domingues (guitar), keeping Jon Van Dave (keyboards) and Claudia Dias (vocals) as usual guests in the shows. "Diary of a No" saw the light of day in November 2007, with a worldwide edition that sold out completely, being a huge success in Germany and some American countries, specially Brazil. The album had several singles and videoclips, the most renowned being "In purity", "Farewell" and "Prison inside".

"Loneliness Still Is The Friend"[edit]

Without any kind of pressure, the band started to record the second album in 2009 and joined the famous producer Dave Chang to work in the first single "Stand Alone". This first songs quickly conquered the national radio stations, with more than 5 months of airplay. Some months later a video for the same song was released and premiered in the famous MTV program "Headbangers Ball".


Studio Albums[edit]

"Diary of a No"[edit]

  • Label: Burning Star Records
  • Year: 2007

"Alive" EP[edit]

  • Label: FEDRA / Compact Records
  • Year: 2008

"Loneliness Still Is The Friend"[edit]

  • Label: Compact Records
  • Year: 2011


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