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Web address www.urdupoint.com
Slogan Pride of Pakistan
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Web portal
Registration Not required
Available in Urdu
Owner Ali Chaudhary
Launched 14 August 2000
Revenue Advertisement
Alexa rank
positive decrease 9,012 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Online

UrduPoint is an Urdu-language web portal of Pakistan. It is the largest Urdu website in the world.[2]

UrduPoint.com was launched on 14 August 2000. It the first Urdu portal of the world.

In this Modern era, English language enjoys the status of being the "Lingua Franca" (Universally accepted, widespread Language) consequently resulting in almost 95% of the websites solely functioning in English, as a medium of communication. On the other hand, considering our local Pakistani lot, majority of the individuals can neither read, nor understand English. Keeping this fact in consideration, UrduPoint emerged as a ray of hope, a breath of fresh air, breaking the barrier for that 90% of the population, existent in Pakistan, who are now able to identify themselves with all that this website has to offer. They can enjoy the privilege of being able to read, comprehend, and enlighten themselves with the wide variety of knowledge and entertainment sections offered by UrduPoint, which is entirely based on their own language, Urdu. Pakistani's are now able to savor the true essence of their identity and origin. Urdu Point, the only Urdu web site which has extended a major contributing hand in promoting the national language of Pakistan, with its numerous amounts of sections presented in Urdu language.

UrduPoint has different sister sites and blogs including urdupoin8.blogspot.com, eMarkaz.com, SMSMarkaz.com and HulChul.net.

In August 2010 UrduPoint has announced a new massive project "PakistanPoint.com", which will include different entertainment and information based websites and channels. UrduPoint.com is also going to launch Pakistan's first WebTV Project, which is under production.


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