Uri Nakayama

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Uri Nakayama
中山 うり
Birth name (Nakayama Uri)中山 うり
Also known as Uri
Born (1981-01-09) January 9, 1981 (age 33)
Origin Saitama, Japan
Genres Pop, jazz
Occupations Singer-songwriter, hairdresser
Instruments Vocal, accordion, trumpet
Years active 2004–present
Labels Sony Music Entertainment International
Website http://www.worldapart.co.jp/uri/ (Japanese)

Uri Nakayama (中山 うり Nakayama Uri?, born January 9, 1981) is a female singer-songwriter and hairdresser in Japan.

Musical characteristics[edit]

Nakayama plays an accordion and trumpet, in addition to vocals. She sings while playing the accordion while sitting and sometimes plays the trumpet which she puts at her side. Her music is acoustic; she usually plays the music with 4 support members, guitar, bass, drum and percussion. As additional support members, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, tuba, violin etc. come in the band by the live tour and rock festival.[1][2]

Nakayama's music is introduced as blended world accordion music, Gypsy Jazz, Musette, Tango etc. and her voice is advertised as "miracle voice" by record label. She sings by low, warm, smooth and soft voice. Her CDs are sold as J-pop at CD shop. But her music was categorized as jazz by iTunes in Japan.

Most of Nakayama's songs are with Japanese lyrics; a few songs are instrumental or with scat singing. She frequently evokes nostalgic scenes, festival, harbor town, sunset etc. as a lyrical motif. Because she sings some Japanese folk music cover versions, her music is thought of as being affected by that music.



  • 2008: "Yuyakezora ni Matenrou" (夕焼け空に摩天楼 Skyscraper in Sunset?) - Did not chart.[3]
  • 2009: "Wonderful" (ワンダフル Wandafuru?) - Did not chart.[4]

Studio albums[edit]

  • 2006: Uri Nakayama-EP (EP, iTunes release only)
  • 2006: Moons, Stars, and Dreams (Live album, iTunes release only)
  • 2007: DoReMiFa - peaked at #137.[5]
  • 2007: Etranger (エトランゼ Etoranze?) - peaked at #196.[6]
  • 2008: Natsu-Matsuri Azayaka ni (夏祭り鮮やかに?) (extended play) - peaked at #279.[7]
  • 2008: Que Sera (ケセラ Ke Sera?) - peaked at #137.[8]
  • 2010: 7 Colors (セブンカラーズ Seben Karāzu?) (Cover album)
  • 2011: Viva - released Feb 16 2011

Concert DVDs[edit]

  • 2009: LE TOUR DE QUESERA 2008[9]


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