Ursula Endlicher

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Ursula Endlicher
Born Vienna, Austria
Nationality Austrian
Alma mater Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (1991)
School of Visual Arts (1993)
Official website

Ursula Endlicher is an Austrian artist. A multi-media artist, Endlicher creates works in the fields of internet art, performance art and installation art.

Life and education[edit]

Ursula Endlicher was born in Vienna, Austria. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 1991. In 1995, she received a Master of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in computer art, from the School of Visual Arts. She relocated permanently to New York City in 1993.[citation needed]


Endlicher’s earliest Internet artwork was presented at the Thing's Vienna bulletin board in 1994. Her internet art works have been since been commissioned for the Whitney Museum’s artport ("Light and Dark Networks", 2012) and for New Radio and Performing Arts’s Turbulence.org website ("html_butoh").[1]

Endlicher has created technology-based performances and installations that use live Internet data. These performances have been hosted in festivals such as transmediale and SIGGRAPH. Her best-known performance series is “Website Impersonations: The Ten Most Visited”, which uses HTML code as choreography[clarification needed]; it has been hosted at the Center for Performance Research and Light Industry.[2][3][4]


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